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a ride in the £20k elysium chair that allows you to feel like you\'re floating

by:JNSN     2021-10-09
Who doesn\'t like a good chair?
A nice chair will make you feel comfortable and enrich the location it is in.
This is a medium of self-design.
An expression and an item that always represents a state.
If you want to buy classic, Vitra\'s new limited edition Eames recliner will not have much problem to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the design.
Charles and Ray Ames designed their signature recliner back in 1956 with the aim of using novel explanations of classic club chairs to create a soft and comfortable seat.
In honor of its 60th birthday, Vitra is producing a limited
Twill version-
The design emphasizes the \"comfortable soft and inviting warmth\" of the model with a covered recliner and Ottoman.
From November 1, it will be sold for 3,590.
But if you care more about technology than style,
Specemperor 200 gaming chair from MWE Lab will give you more than $10,000 in return.
Perfect 48-
One-hour Skyrim marathon, chair itself, with built-in-
In the sound system and reverse
The bright light is certainly impressive, but it looks like a work by Ridley Scott scifi film.
However, a new UK company called David Hugh may have come up with an innovative design to bridge hi-
Technology seats and superior interior design.
British designer Dr. David wilkert has created a £ 20,000 Elysee chair after 10 years of bioengineering research, claiming to simulate weightlessness.
The chair uses a patented frictionless pivot system so that the reclining polar world can be tilted back and forth with the slightest gesture, or once you \'ve got the hang, you can even use muscle strain to change your position, which makes the chair look like it moves as much as you want.
No need to pull the lever or press the button.
The secret of the frictionless balancing technique is the six rolling bearings in the mechanism located on the arm rest of the chair, as well as a linear bearing, which causes the world of bliss to be in a state of continuous balance.
When the chair rotates 50 degrees, at the midpoint, the body experiences a situation where the pressure is evenly distributed and cut-the term for the effect of gravity on the bones-close to zero.
For those lucky enough to try the world of Bliss, the result is different from any other seat you will be sitting in.
In fact, it is not so much a recliner as a floating trough.
If this technical balance is not exactly a cup of tea for you, you can of course lock the chair in any position, not a continuous free movement-but it will be a waste. The Cambridge-
The headquarters company will run only 20 hands.
Chair assembled with carbon
The fiber skeleton and the ground aluminum mechanism, plus a stitched leather cover with 70 color options, are done by artisans working on the Lotus trim provided by the Knightsbridge Bang & Olufsen.
Ready against gravity. www. davidhugh.
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