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We provide LMFUU series Round Flange Linear Ball Bearing with seals on both sides to prevent ingress of dirt, water and foreign matter.


Linear Motion Bearing (also called Ball Bushing or Shaft Guiding) is a rolling friction supporting element that usually used for linear motion mechanical parts with small friction. Coordinate with Linear Motion Shaft, recirculating balls provide unlimited stroke at low friction movement, permit temperature within 80 degree Celsius. It is great for 3D printer, CNC, and other applications.


LMF circular flange linear bearings, also known as LMF circular flange linear ball bearings or LMF circular flange linear bushing bearings. LM is the code name for the Asian standard series in linear bearings, and F is the meaning of circular flanges. This model is popular among Asian markets using metric units in Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc.


The material of the bushing and steel ball for LMF circular flange type linear bearing is high quality bearing steel. The ball retainer is made of metal steel, stainless steel or POM material, and the buckle, usually represented by U or P, is composed of NBR material. The ball retainer is mounted inside the bushing with the steel ball and sealed with a retaining ring from one side or both sides of the bushing.



The LMF linear bearings are suitable for kinds of electronic equipment, guide bar, drive shaft, pillar, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, printed circuit board IC assembly equipment, robotic arm, precision measurement equipment, office automation equipment, and other large-scale linear slide devices.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthFlangHole for AttachmentFlange verticality
LMF6UU460 -0.009120 -0.011190 -0.20285203.563.10.0120.01221270.024
LMF8SUU480 -0.009150 -0.011170 -0.20325243.563.10.0120.01218220.032
LMF8UU480 -0.009150 -0.011240 -0.20325243.563.10.0120.01228400.037
LMF10UU4100 -0.009190 -0.013290 -0.20406294.
LMF12UU4120 -0.009210 -0.013300 -0.20426324.
LMF13UU4130 -0.009230 -0.013320 -0.20436334.
LMF16UU5160 -0.009280 -0.013370 -0.20486384.
LMF20UU5200 -0.010320 -0.016420 -0.20548435.595.10.0150.015901400.18
LMF25UU6250 -0.010400 -0.016590 -0.30628515.595.10.0150.0151001600.34
LMF30UU6300 -0.010450 -0.016640 -0.307410606.6116.10.0150.0151602800.47
LMF35UU6350 -0.012520 -0.019700 -0.308210676.6116.10.020.021703200.65
LMF40UU6400 -0.012600 -0.019800 -0.309613789148.10.020.022204101.06
LMF50UU6500 -0.012800 -0.0191000 -0.3011613989148.10.020.023908102.2
LMF60UU6600 -0.015900 -0.0221100 -0.30134181121117.510.80.0250.02548010203
LMF80UU6800 -0.0151200 -0.0221400 -0.40164181421117.510.80.0250.02573516005.8
LMF100UU61000 -0.0201500 -0.0291750 -0.3020020175142013.10.030.031410348110.6

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