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Sleeve Bearing

Sleeve Bearing, a new generation of maintenance-free bearings

Maintenance-free engineering plastic bearings are composed of special modified engineering plastic compounds and reinforcing fibers and solid lubricating components, with a uniform structure, and the entire wall thickness can be used as a wear zone. This can help reduce the friction coefficient of the sliding bearing, improve the wear resistance of the overall material, and effectively protect the metal shaft that matches it. At the same time, it is corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant.

The bearing surface is large, the elastic deformation performance of plastic is good, and the sliding bearing can also bear heavy impact and edge load. Reinforcing fibers further improve the mechanical properties, allowing flexible shafts to be used in many applications.
The uniform material of solid lubricating components and fiber reinforced materials ensures complete self-lubrication with its own lubricating components in any form. The friction coefficient and wear coefficient of bearing products are very low throughout the life cycle, ensuring long-term life.

Plastic Plain Bearings

Maintenance-free dry operation, Absolute corrosion resistance, Long service time and light; Multiple choices: Lowest friction coefficient, High load, Anti-static, High temperature 250℃, FDA food safety grade. 


Plastic Linear Bearings

Dry operation without oil, Anti-dust, No noise, Corrosion resistance, Longer service time and light; Multiple Assemble types, Highest operation temperature 250℃.


Plastic Spherical Bearings

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free, Corrosion-resistant, Anti-fouling, lightweight; Multiple structural design to meet different installation requirements.


Linear Motion Systems

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free linear motion system, Linear slider and screw nuts are made of high wear-resistant material EPB13, Dry operation for longer time, lower noise, longer service time and suitable for operation in dust or dirty water.


Filament-wound Bearings

Long fiber composite material, The best performance for dry operation, High load capacity and max. static load 240MPa, Especially suitable for swing with high load and low speed.


Metal Sliding Bearings

Metal-plastic composite bearings: suitable for occasions where refueling is impossible or not allowed under conditions such as low speed and heavy load, intermittent operation and swing; simplify the design of oil supply, reduce repair and maintenance costs and time; good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, Extend the service life of the product;
Metal-based self-lubricating bearings: with high-strength copper alloy as the base material, the holes are distributed on the working surface in proportion according to the working conditions and filled with solid lubricants. The high-strength copper alloy provides high load-bearing capacity while the solid lubricant can form a low friction pair.


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