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Inch RMS ball bearings are radial deep groove ball bearings with imperial dimensions, and they can withstand greater radial and thrust loads.They are available with open, metal shields, rubber seals.

Ball bearings of this medium series in inch-dimensions offer a balanced ratio between their radial load carrying capacity, the required installation space, their weight and the admissible speed. They have a considerably higher load carrying capacity than deep groove ball bearings of the R series and are versatile.

Inch series RMS deep groove ball bearings have the same deep raceway grooves and close conformity between raceways and balls as the corresponding metric deep groove ball bearings, they are non-separable and require little attention or maintenance in service. They can carry axial loads acting in both directions in addition to radial loads, even at high speeds. And this range has a 'Light Series' denoted by RLS and a 'Medium Series' denoted by RMS.


The deep groove ball bearing inch series is widely used in home appliances, low noise and high speed electric motors, automotive components, pumps, fitness equipment, telecommunication equipment, machinery etc.

Bearing ModelSeals TypeDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(N)Speed ratings(r/min)Weight(kg)
RMS4Open,ZZ,2RS12.700 1/241.2751.62515.875 5/812100510018500250000.100 
RMS5Open,ZZ,2RS15.875 5/846.0381.812515.875 5/812600560016500220000.110 
RMS6Open,ZZ,2RS19.050 3/450.800 217.462 11/1616500785014700200000.163 
RMS7Open,ZZ,2RS22.225 7/857.150 2.2517.462 11/1619200940013300180000.204 
RMS8Open,ZZ,2RS25.400 163.500 2.519.050 3/4221001100012200165000.258 
RMS9Open,ZZ,2RS28.575 1.12571.438 2.812520.638 13/16308001660010800145000.390 
RMS10Open,ZZ,2RS31.750 1.2579.375 3.12522.225 7/837700196009800132000.470 
RMS11Open,ZZ,2RS34.925 1.37588.900 3.522.225 7/845300240008800119000.610 
RMS12Open,ZZ,2RS38.100 1.595.250 3.7523.812 15/1649500267008200110000.770 
RMS13Open,ZZ,2RS41.275 1.625101.600 423.812 15/1655000320007700103000.900 
RMS14Open,ZZ,2RS44.450 1.75107.950 4.2526.988 1-1/165950034700710096001.040 
RMS15Open,ZZ,2RS47.625 1.875114.300 4.526.988 1-1/166900041000660089001.220 
RMS16Open,ZZ,2RS50.800 2114.300 4.526.988 1-1/166900041000660089001.210 
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