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For this linear motion ball slide unit SC VUU series, S is an abbreviation for short, it is shorten aluminium units, metric dimension, widely used in Asia and other countries. SC VUU series is a box style linear sliding unit, which is a compact aluminum casing unit incorporating the standard Linear Bush. This model can easily be mounted simply by securing it to the table with bolts. Each end of the unit has a circlip. There are also two rubber seals (UU) at both ends of the linear bearing to prevent debris or ball bearing contamination. The casing which is made of aluminum, is small and lightweight, has strong corrosion resistance.


The SC VUU linear bearing housing is a single-length  Asian metric version that is fitted with the LM standard linear bearing. Advantages of the bearing bushing include less tilt or friction, less wear over time, and better machining feature. The SC VUU closed bearing design allows for cost reduction by using end support shafts.



The linear bearings are generally used in punch, tool grinding machine,automatic cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, Food Packing Machine, other sliding parts on industrial machinery. 


Bearing ModelBuilt-in bearingShaft DiameterDimensions(mm)Mounting DimensionsWeight(kg)
SC8VUU8  LM8UU 11173415.522186247.755M43.480.027
SC10VUU10 LM10UU132040202621828106M54.3120.055
SC12VUU12 LM12UU152142212924830.510.55.75M54.3120.06
SC13VUU13 LM13UU15224420.63024.583310.35.5M54.3120.064
SC16VUU16 LM16UU19255024.138.532.593612.057M54.3120.11
SC20VUU20 LM20UU21275428.14135114014.057M65.2120.144
SC25VUU25 LM25UU2638763851.54212541911M87180.34
SC30VUU30 LM30UU30397841.559.549155820.7510M87180.424
SC35VUU35 LM35UU34459045.56854187022.7510M87180.626
SC40VUU40 LM40UU405110256.57862208028.2511M108.7251
SC50VUU50 LM50UU526112269102802510034.511M108.7252.1

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