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Middle flange type linear bearing LMEFC...L is also called KBFC...L centered circular flange linear bearing, which owns metric sizes in accordance with European standards, so it’s widely used in EU market. 

The movement principle of LMEFC...L long centered circular flange linear bearing is rolling friction. The point contact between the bearing and the cylindrical shaft through the steel balls, and the balls rotate with very small frictional resistance, so that high precision smooth motion can be obtained. It is suitable for low load and high speed movement.

Flange linear bearing LMEFC...L series is often used with quenching line transmission shaft, a system for rectilinear movement. It has lower loading capacity due to the point contact between the load-carrying balls and quenching transmission shaft, and characterized by smallest, high precision and fast moving speed in case of rectilinear movement.  

The middle flanged type linear bearings has no noise due to the small coefficient of friction during working. It also travels with high stability because of the stabilized flange. While maintaining high precision, the bearings can also be replaced easily.


The linear bearings are increasingly used in precision equipment, such as electronic equipment, machinery, instruments, robots, CNC machine tools, automobiles and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment or special machinery industry.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthIFlangeHole for AttachmentFlange verticality(MAX.)
LMEFC8LUU48+0.009-0.001160 -0.009460 -0.3020.532255243.563.10.0150.01543820.059 
LMEFC12LUU412+0.009-0.001220 -0.011610 -0.3027.542326324. 
LMEFC16LUU516+0.009-0.001260 -0.011680 -0.303146356364. 
LMEFC20LUU520+0.011-0.001320 -0.013800 -0.303654428435.595.10.0170.0171402800.260 
LMEFC25LUU625+0.013-0.002400 -0.0131120 -0.405262508515.595.10.0170.0171603200.540 
LMEFC30LUU630+0.013-0.002470 -0.0131230 -0.4056.5766010626.6116.10.0170.0172255600.815 
LMEFC40LUU640+0.016-0.004620 -0.0151510 -0.4069987513809148.10.020.023508201.805 
LMEFC50LUU650+0.016-0.004750 -0.0151920 -0.4089.51128813949148.10.020.0262016222.820 
LMEFC60LUU660+0.016-0.004900 -0.0202090 -0.4095.5134106181121117.510.80.0250.02577020404.920 
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