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Filament-wound Bearings


Filament-wound Bearings :The back material of materials is high strength glass fiber with epoxy resin and the lubricating layer of it is PTFE wound fiber or special lubricating fiber. Therefore, this special structure performs an outstanding anti-wear feature and low friction coefficient under high load and low speed condition. Furthermore, this absolutely new idea gives better solution for high load and excellent wear resistance possibility.

Friction coefficient

Friction Coefficient of filament Bearing is 0.03~0.12. The main factors affect the Friction Coefficient are Load, Moving method, Speed and Roughness of mating surfaces. the friction coefficient is going down while load is increasing under the rotation method.


The anti-wear property

The main factors affect the anti-wear property are the load, moving 
method, speed and roughness of mating surfaces. the bearing wear off under room temperature with the load of 50MPa when the bearing is swinging. It is found the wear off increases sharply during the initial running-in while the lubricant is transferred from the inner liner and a smooth surface is created there of to form the lubricating surface. After running-in period, it will maintain stable without wear off.


Characteristics of  Filament-wound Bearings

Very high load capacity, Max. 140Mpa;
Very good chemical resistance;
Lower friction and good wear properties. Friction coefficient<0.12; 
Long time dry operation without oil.


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