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This type features a slit as wide as one train of balls (50° to 80°) on the basis of the standard type, and is therefore suitable for installation where the LM shaft is supported by pillars or supporting bases. This allows easy connection to  the guide rail and brings convenience for usage in some special machinery. Additionally, this makes clearance adjustment easy.


The standard open type linear bearings has been divided into three types, LM...OP, LME...OP and LMB..OP. They are suitable for different regions and the bearing type LM...OP is mainly used in Asian markets due to the metric dimensions, which is suitable for shaft diameter from 10mm to 80mm.


Unlike ball bearings, the basic dynamic load rating of LM...OP linear bearings is less than the basic static load rating, and as the size increases, the difference in this value will also increase significantly, up to twice the maximum.



The linear bearings are widely applied to agriculture, robotic, pick and drop, pick and plug, 3D printing, printing, chemical and engineering industries.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)MAX.Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inner diameterOuter diameterlengthExternal stop grooveWhθ
drToleranceDTolerance LTolerance BTolerance D1Dyn.CStat.Co
LM12UU-OP3120 -0.009210 -0.013300 -0.20230 -0.20201.3880°0.01242610.025
LM13UU-OP3130 -0.009230 -0.013320 -0.20230 -0.20221.3980°0.01252790.034
LM16UU-OP4160 -0.009280 -0.013370 -0.2026.50 -0.20271.61180°0.012791200.052
LM20UU-OP4200 -0.010320 -0.016420 -0.2030.50 -0.2030.51.61160°0.015881400.069
LM25UU-OP5250 -0.010400 -0.016590 -0.30410 -0.30381.8512.550°0.0151001600.188
LM30UU-OP5300 -0.010450 -0.016640 -0.3044.50 -0.30431.851550°0.0151602200.21
LM35UU-OP5350 -0.012520 -0.019700 -0.3049.50 -0.30492.117.550°0.021703200.335
LM40UU-OP5400 -0.012600 -0.019800 -0.3060.50 -0.30572.12050°0.022204100.5
LM50UU-OP5500 -0.012800 -0.0191000 -0.30740 -0.3076.52.62550°0.023908101.34
LM60UU-OP5600 -0.015900 -0.0221100 -0.30850 -0.3086.53.153050°0.02548010201.61
LM80UU-OP5800 -0.0151200 -0.0221400 -0.40105.50 -0.401164.154050°0.02573516003.65

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