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Linear bearing units SBR UU type is simple type with open,  and it also known as SBR open type linear slide unit It consists of an open aluminum housing with 4 fixing holes at the bottom and a matching LM-OP open type linear bearing. There are two circlips at both ends of the unit, and iron pieces for fastening linear bearings on both sides of the top opening. 

There are usually two rubber seals (UU) at both ends of the linear bearing to prevent debris or contamination of ball bearing. In addition, the aluminum casing is small and light, and has strong corrosion resistance. The advantages of the linear bushing include less tilt or friction, which leads to Less wear and better processing results over time.

Linear bearing SBR UU series features:SBR Rail, Look in related product for support and pillow blocks, Lengths are pre-cut, C45 medium carbon hardened steel, Chrome plated, Tolerance Level g6.

This open linear bearing is used for the design linear motion products. It can be used with open linear bearings to ensure excellent motion performance in high load or long stroke applications. Made of aluminum steel for long service life.Ideal for you to increase efficiency and save energy. 


Widely used in home appliances, industrial, electric motors, engineering machinery, packaging machinery, medical equipment, textile machinery, auto parts, pumps, automotive and digital stereo engraving equipment or special machinery industry. 

Bearing ModelBuilt-in bearingShaft DiameterDimensions(mm)Mounting DimensionsWeight(kg)
SBR10UULM10UU-OP  1015183632247680°2520M5100.065
SBR12UULM12UU-OP  121720403927.688.580°2826M5100.1
SBR13UU LM13UU-OP 131720403927.688.580°2826M5100.1
SBR16UU LM16UU-OP 162022.545453391080°3230M5120.15
SBR20UU LM20UU-OP 202324485039111060°3535M6120.2
SBR25UU LM25UU-OP 2527306065471411.550°4040M6120.45
SBR30UU LM30UU-OP 303335707056151450°5050M8180.63
SBR35UU LM35UU-OP 353740808063181650°5555M8180.92
SBR40UU LM40UU-OP 404245909072201950°6565M10201.33
SBR50UU LM50UU-OP 50536012011092252350°9480M10203

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