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TBR adjustment open type linear bearing pillow block, also known as TBR adjustable open type linear bearing unit, TBR adjustable open type linear slide unit or TBR adjustable open type linear case housing (unit). It consists of an open, light-weight aluminum housing with 4 fixing holes and a matching LM-OP open linear bearing or KB-OP open linear bearing. The unit has two circlips and one side with adjustable elastic. The gap is adjusted by the screw. There are usually two rubber seals (UU) at both ends of the linear bearing to prevent debris or ball bearing contamination. In addition, the aluminum casing is small and light, and has strong corrosion resistance.  

The TBR open type linear bearing housing is an open, single-length metric version. The LM-OP open type linear bearing or the KB-OP open type linear bearing is installed in the outer casing. The straight line is adjusted due to the adjustment gap on the bearing housing. The bearing installation is easier. The advantages of linear bushings include less tilt or friction, which results in less wear and better machining results over time.

Linear motion guide rail and block TBR/SBR Series with smooth surface, little friction, low noise, they are widely used in linear motion system, coordinate with linear motion shaft, recirculating balls provide unlimited stroke at low friction movement, permit temperature within 80 degree Celsius.


For example, punch, tool grinding machine, automatic cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, Food Packing Machine, other sliding parts on industrial machinery. 

Bearing ModelBuilt-in bearingShaft DiameterDimensions(mm)Mounting DimensionsWeight(kg)
TBR16 LM16UU-OP162817.86318274862305042M50.18
TBR20 LM20UU-OP203220.99341031.452.468375451M60.3
TBR25 LM25UU-OP2540284112416182506565M80.6
TBR30 LM30UU-OP304533.4845.512486591607575M80.9

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