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The adjustable linear bearing LME...AJ is a metric unit series of cylindrical types commonly used in Europe, and bushing sleeve has a slit in the LM-shaft longitudinal direction based on the standard type for clearance adjustment. The code AJ stands for that this linear bearing type can adjust the tightness between the LM shaft and the linear bush. 

During the installation, this LME...AJ series can control the outer diameter, users can adjust the clearance based on the actual situation, so as to ensure the optimum working condition and achieve the best working efficiency. When a standard type product is installed onto the shaft, inappropriate clearance will cause damage, failure or unstable running to the linear motion bearing.

LME...AJ clearance-adjustable linear bearings are generally mounted to LME standard linear bearing pillow blocks, the linear shaft to be a simple linear motion system.


The linear bearing is generally applied to computer and peripheral equipment, measuring equipment, auto recording equipment, 3D measuring equipment, drilling machines, punching press, tool grinders, auto-gas cutters, printing machines, card selectors, food packing machines, and etc.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inner diameterOuter diameterlengthExternal stop grooveWhMAX.
drToleranceDTolerance LTolerance BTolerance D1Dyn.CStat.Co
LME5UU-AJ45+0.008 0120 -0.008220 -0.2014.50 -0.2011.51.110.01221270.010 
LME8UU-AJ48+0.008 0160 -0.008250 -0.2016.50 -0.2015.21.110.01227410.0195
LME10UU-AJ410+0.008 0190 -0.009290 -0.20220 -0.20181.31.50.01238470.029
LME12UU-AJ412+0.008 0220 -0.009320 -0.2022.90 -0.20211.31.50.01252790.040 
LME16UU-AJ516+0.008 0.001260 -0.009360 -0.2024.90 -0.2024. 
LME20UU-AJ520+0.008 0.001320 -0.011450 -0.2031.50 -0.2030.31.620.015881400.090 
LME25UU-AJ625+0.011 0.001400 -0.011580 -0.3044.10 -0.3037.51.8520.0151001600.212 
LME30UU-AJ630+0.011 0.001470 -0.011680 -0.3052.10 -0.3044.51.8520.0171602800.320 
LME40UU-AJ640+0.013 0.002620 -0.013800 -0.3060.60 -0.30592.1530.0172204000.649 
LME50UU-AJ650+0.013 0.002750 -0.0131000 -0.3077.60 -0.30722.6530.0173908101.110 
LME60UU-AJ660+0.013 0.002900 -0.0151250 -0.40101.70 -0.4086.53.1530.0248010202.000 
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