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Linear bearing LMB series standard linear bearings, also known as LMB  standard linear ball bearings, is the imperial series, mainly used in the markets of the America, UK and other British Commonwealth of Nations.


The LMB-UU inch size linear bearing can be measured in inch sizes which are popular in the Americas, so the local user can select this series of products for better matching to the machines. This LMB linear bearing series can be used for the shaft with a nominal diameter of 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch and so on, so as to meet the demand for different machined usage.


Linear bearing LMB series standard linear bearing is made of chrome steel, and the ball retainer is made of metal steel, stainless steel or POM material. The retaining ring, also called sealing ring, usually indicated by U or P, is made of NBR material. The ball retainer is mounted inside the bushing together with the steel balls, and sealed from one or both sides of the bushing by sealing ring.


Maintenance of linear bearings includes injecting the anti-corrosion oil into the linear bearings. If lubricating with grease, firstly remove the anti-corrosion oil by kerosene or organic solvent, and add grease after drying.



Linear motion ball bearings are widely used in electronic equipment, pull tester and the digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring device, such as precision equipment, as well as multi-axis machine tools, press, tool grinder, automatic gas cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, food packaging machines and other industrial machinery sliding components.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inner diameterOuter diameterlengthExternal stop grooveWMAX.
LMB04UU41/4"(6.35)0 -0.0090.5"(12.7)0 -0.0110.75"(19.05)0 -0.200.511"(12.98)0 -0.200.4687"(11.906)0.039"(0.992)0.01221270.008
LMB06UU43/8"(9.525)0 -0.0090.625"(15.875)0 -0.0130.875"(22.225)0 -0.200.6385"(16.15)0 -0.200.588"(14.935)0.039"(0.992)0.01223320.014
LMB08UU41/2"(12.7)0 -0.0090.875"(22.225)0 -0.0131.25"(31.75)0 -0.200.9625"(24.46)0 -0.200.8209"(20.853)0.0459"(1.168)0.01252800.037
LMB10UU45/8"(15.875)0 -0.0091.125"(28.575)0 -0.0131.5"(38.1)0 -0.201.1039"(28.04)0 -0.201.059"(26.899)0.0559"(1.422)0.015791200.076
LMB12UU53/4"(19.05)0 -0.0101.25"(31.75)0 -0.0161.625"(41.275)0 -0.201.1657"(29.61)0 -0.201.176"(29.87)0.0559"(1.422)0.015881400.095
LMB16UU51"(25.4)0 -0.0101.5625"(39.688)0 -0.0162.25"(57.15)0 -0.301.7547"(44.57)0 -0.301.4687"(37.306)0.0679"(1.727)0.0151001600.2
LMB20UU61-1/4"(31.75)0 -0.0122"(50.8)0 -0.0192.625"(66.675)0 -0.302.0047"(50.92)0 -0.301.8859"(47.904)0.0679"(1.727)0.021602800.44
LMB24UU61-1/2"(38.1)0 -0.0122.375"(60.325)0 -0.0193"(76.2)0 -0.302.4118"(61.26)0 -0.302.2389"(56.87)0.859"(2.184)0.022204100.67
LMB32UU62"(50.8)0 -0.0123"(76.2)0 -0.0224"(101.6)0 -0.303.1917"(81.07)0 -0.302.8379"(72.085)0.1029"(2.616)0.0253908101.14

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