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The long type linear ball bearing LMB-LUU series has same components as standard LMB series, while it owns nearly the double length of a standard ball bushing. And the nominal diameter for the shaft is from 1/4 inch to 2 inch. It has two retainers, therefore it’s suitable when anticipating moment loads.


Comparing with the standard type, this long series features larger load capacity. It can meet the most of the machinery demands in the American market, so it’s popular among this region.


LMB L long type linear bearings are generally mounted to LMB series linear bearing housings, with linear shafts, installed and used according to customer needs.


According to the size chart of this LMB--LUU series, 4 to 6 rows can be installed to offer sufficient force, so as to further ensure the normal working of the shaft itself and the relevant parts of the shaft.



Linear bearings are widely used in electronic equipment, tensile testing machine, the digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment, precision equipment, multi axis machine tools, presses, tool grinder, automatic gas cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, food packing machines and other industrial machinery sliding components.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inner diameterOuter diameterlengthExternal stop grooveWMAX.
LMB04L41/4"(6.35)0 -0.0100.5"(12.7)0 -0.0131.375"(34.925)0 -0.301.022"(25.959)0 -0.300.4687"(11.906)0.039"(0.992)0.01533540.0175
LMB06LUU43/8"(9.525)0 -0.0100.625"(15.875)0 -0.0161.5938"(40.481)0 -0.301.2716"(32.298)0 -0.300.588"(14.935)0.039"(0.992)0.01536640.028
LMB08LUU41/2"(12.7)0 -0.0100.875"(22.225)0 -0.0162.375"(60.325)0 -0.301.925"(48.895)0 -0.300.8209"(20.853)0.0459"(1.168)0.015831600.08
LMB10LUU45/8"(15.875)0 -0.0101.125"(28.575)0 -0.0162.8125"(71.483)0 -0.302.2079"(56.08)0 -0.301.059"(26.899)0.0559"(1.422)0.021262400.16
LMB12LUU53/4"(19.05)0 -0.0121.25"(31.75)0 -0.0193.0937"(78.581)0 -0.302.3314"(59.218)0 -0.301.176"(29.87)0.0559"(1.422)0.021402800.195
LMB16LUU51"(25.4)0 -0.0121.5625"(39.688)0 -0.0194.2813"(108.744)0 -0.403.5094"(89.139)0 -0.401.4687"(37.306)0.0679"(1.727)0.021603200.41
LMB20LUU61-1/4"(31.75)0 -0.0152"(50.8)0 -0.0225"(127)0 -0.404.0094"(101.839)0 -0.401.8859"(47.904)0.0679"(1.727)0.0252555600.82
LMB24LUU61-1/2"(38.1)0 -0.0152.375"(60.325)0 -0.0225.6875"(144.463)0 -0.404.8236"(122.519)0 -0.402.2389"(56.87)0.859"(2.184)0.0253508201.25
LMB32LUU62"(50.8)0 -0.0153"(76.2)0 -0.0257.75"(196.85)0 -0.406.3834"(162.138)0 -0.402.8379"(72.085)0.1029"(2.616)0.0362016221.25

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