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Modified rhombus flange pillow block bearing UKFA series contains flange housing and radial insert ball bearing UK series with seals. The body housing is generally in cast iron and the ball bearing is in bearing steel, while we also have carbon steel and stainless steel material options available. In addition, all the parts of the pillow block bearing can be supplied separately as spare parts.


Pillow block bearing units include a hollow set screw for easy and firm attachment on a shaft and a one-piece housing for structural strength. Also it has self aligning ability, and misalignment can be equalized by spherical bearing seat.


The adjustability of the bearing is made possible by the rhombus shape of the housing which can oscillate in the corresponding internal track of the support, thus eliminating the stresses between the shaft and the bearing. The bearing seals guarantee the perfect protection of the rotating parts of the bearing from humidity and dust, to ensure that the bearing can have a long service life.



The pillow block bearings are widely used in agriculture, automotive, pump, sporting and consumer goods, construction, manufacturing equip.

Bearing ModelInsert No.Housing No.Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)

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