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LME/LME...L linear bushings have a steel outer ring with grooves for a circlip and a polyamide ball retainer with 3 to 6 ball circuits depending on size. The normal material for the linear bearings is bearing steel, while linear ball bushing are also available in stainless steel. And for the retainer, the user select resin retainer (standard) or steel retainer (for high temperature and vacuum). All linear bearings with the designation UU have seals from both sides.


The ball retainer is mounted inside the extended bushing together with the steel balls, and sealed with a retaining ring (seal) from one side or both sides of the bushing to form a complete LME L long linear bearing.


The size of LME..LUU long linear motion bearing is metric version, making the product extensively used in the European countries. This type of standard linear bushings LME...L provide low friction on high speed movement, and the shaft diameter is from 8mm to 60mm.


Compared with the LM..LUU series, these two types of long type linear bearings are approximately equal in structure and different in dimensions and bore diameter tolerances.



Linear bearing is an economical solution, more and more widely used in precision equipment such as electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, machinery, instruments, robots, machine tools, CNC machine tools, automobiles, and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment or other special machinery industry.


Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inner diameterOuter diameterlengthExternal stop grooveWMAX.
LME8LUU48+0.009-0.001160 -0.009460 -0.30330 -0.3015.21.10.01543820.04
LME10LUU410+0.009-0.001190 -0.011550 -0.30440 -0.30181.30.015601120.062
LME12LUU412+0.009-0.001220 -0.011610 -0.3045.80 -0.30211.30.015831600.08
LME16LUU516+0.011-0.001260 -0.011680 -0.3049.80 -0.3024.91.30.015941820.115
LME20LUU520+0.011-0.001320 -0.013800 -0.30610 -0.3030.51.60.0171402800.18
LME25LUU625+0.013-0.002400 -0.0131120 -0.40820 -0.40381.850.0171603200.43
LME30LUU630+0.013-0.002470 -0.0131230 -0.40104.20 -0.4044.51.850.0172555600.615
LME40LUU640+0.016-0.004620 -0.0151510 -0.40121.20 -0.40592.150.023508201.4
LME50LUU650+0.016-0.004750 -0.0151920 -0.40155.20 -0.40722.650.0262016222.32
LME60LUU660+0.016-0.004900 -0.0222090 -0.401700 -0.4086.53.150.02577020403.92

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