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QJ2 series four point contact bearings are single row, non-self-retaining radial ball bearings. They are similar in their structure to single row angular contact ball bearings 7000, 7200, 7300 series ; the raceways on the inner rings are, however, designed such that they can support axial loads in both directions. For a given axial load, a limited radial load can be supported. These bearings take up considerably less axial space than double row bearings. The inner ring is split. It enables a large number of balls to be incorporated in the bearing, giving the bearing its high load carrying capacity. QJ2 type bearings are separable, i.e. the outer ring with ball and cage assembly can be mounted separately from the two inner ring halves. The bearings are available in a standard design and with two locating slots in the outer ring. The centre points of curvature of the arc-shaped raceways on the inner and outer ring are offset relative to each other in such a way that the balls are in contact with the bearing rings at four points under radial load.

These bearings have solid outer rings, split inner rings and ball and cage assemblies with brass or polyamide cages. The two-piece inner ring allows a large complement of balls to be accommodated in the bearing. The inner ring halves are matched to the particular bearing and must not be interchanged with those of other bearings of the same size. In an axial direction, four point contact bearings are considerably narrower than double row angular contact ball bearings. 

Four point contact bearings are often combined with a radial bearing and used as an axial bearing with radial clearance in a housing. For quick and secure location of the bearings in the housing, larger bearings therefore have two retaining slots in one end face of the outer ring offset by 180°. Locking pins engage in these retaining slots and locate the outer ring in the housing.


Compressors, fluid and hydraulic pumps, automotive chassis and gearboxes, rail and wind turbine applications,agricultural vehicles equipment etc.

Bearing ModelDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(N)Speed ratings(r/min)Weight(kg)
QJ20317 40 12159001060014000190000.082 
QJ20525 52 1525100200009500140000.160 
QJ20630 62 1635100285008500120000.240 
QJ20735 72 1746200390007500100000.350 
QJ20840 80 185270045000670090000.450 
QJ20945 85 195850051000630085000.520 
QJ21050 90 206180056000560075000.590 
QJ21155 100 217930076500530070000.770 
QJ21260 110 229230086500480063000.980 
QJ21365 120 23104000104000430056001.200 
QJ21470 125 24114000114000430056001.300 
QJ21575 130 25117000122000400053001.450 
QJ21680 140 26138000146000360048001.850 
QJ21785 150 28148000160000340045002.250 
QJ21890 160 30174000186000320043002.750 
QJ21995 170 32199000212000300040003.350 
QJ220100 180 34225000240000280038003.850 
QJ222110 200 38265000305000240034005.500 
QJ224120 215 40286000340000220032006.750 
QJ226130 230 40296000365000190028007.750 
QJ228140 250 42325000440000180026009.660 
QJ230150 270 453380004650001700240012.400 
QJ232160 290 483900005700001600220014.500 
QJ234170 310 523970006000001600220018.900 
QJ236180 320 524360006800001500200019.000 
QJ248240 440 7265000012000001000150054.000 
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