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The linear ball bearing LMB-AJ (also called ball bushing or shaft guiding) consists of a polymeric cage with raceway segments made of hardened steel to guide the ball sets within the complete system. Recirculating balls provide unlimited stroke at low friction movement.


The adjustable type linear bearing LMB-AJ can adjust the tightness between the shaft and bearing, which is specially designed with an open gap on the outside diameter for clearance adjustment. When it is installed into a bearing block that can control the outer diameter and the clearance based on the actual situation can be adjusted by the user.


The bushing and steel ball of LMB-AJ adjustment linear bearing is made of bearing steel, and the ball retainer is made of metal steel, stainless steel or POM material. The retaining ring usually indicated by U or P. The ball retainer is mounted inside the bushing with the steel balls, and sealed from one or both sides of the bushing by sealing ring.


The biggest difference between LMB-AJ adjustment linear bearing and LMB standard linear bearing is that the latter bushing is completely closed, while the former is not completely closed, which facilitates installation and adjustment during assembly.



These linear bearings are great for projects such as 3D printer, engraving machine, delicate instrumentation, robotic assembly, cabinetry, electronics and construction industries, etc.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inner diameterOuter diameterlengthExternal stop grooveWhMAX.
drToleranceDTolerance LTolerance BTolerance D1Dyn.CStat.Co
LMB04UUAJ41/4"(6.35)0 -0.0090.5"(12.7)0 -0.0110.75"(19.05)0 -0.200.511"(12.98)0 -0.200.4687"(11.906)0.039"(0.992)0.04"(1)0.01221270.0075
LMB06UUAJ43/8"(9.525)0 -0.0090.625"(15.875)0 -0.0130.875"(22.225)0 -0.200.6385"(16.15)0 -0.200.588"(14.935)0.039"(0.992)0.04"(1)0.01223320.0135
LMB08UUAJ41/2"(12.7)0 -0.0090.875"(22.225)0 -0.0131.25"(31.75)0 -0.200.9625"(24.46)0 -0.200.8209"(20.853)0.0459"(1.168)0.06"(1.5)0.01252800.0365
LMB10UUAJ45/8"(15.875)0 -0.0091.125"(28.575)0 -0.0131.5"(38.1)0 -0.201.1039"(28.04)0 -0.201.059"(26.899)0.0559"(1.422)0.06"(1.5)0.015791200.074
LMB12UUAJ53/4"(19.05)0 -0.0101.25"(31.75)0 -0.0161.625"(41.275)0 -0.201.1657"(29.61)0 -0.201.176"(29.87)0.0559"(1.422)0.06"(1.5)0.015881400.093
LMB16UUAJ51"(25.4)0 -0.0101.5625"(39.688)0 -0.0162.25"(57.15)0 -0.301.7547"(44.57)0 -0.301.4687"(37.306)0.0679"(1.727)0.06"(1.5)0.0151001600.198
LMB20UUAJ61-1/4"(31.75)0 -0.0122"(50.8)0 -0.0192.625"(66.675)0 -0.302.0047"(50.92)0 -0.301.8859"(47.904)0.0679"(1.727)0.10"(2.54)0.021602800.43
LMB24UUAJ61-1/2"(38.1)0 -0.0122.375"(60.325)0 -0.0193"(76.2)0 -0.302.4118"(61.26)0 -0.302.2389"(56.87)0.859"(2.184)0.12"(3)0.022204100.66
LMB32UUAJ62"(50.8)0 -0.0123"(76.2)0 -0.0224"(101.6)0 -0.303.1917"(81.07)0 -0.302.8379"(72.085)0.1029"(2.616)0.12"(3)0.0253908101.12

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