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LIN liners is made from high anti-wear material. The straightgrooves design allows the bearing to be used in the extremely conditions suchas in sands and dusts. The straight grooves design allows the sands or dustsentering the grooves and be brought out of the bearing system finally ,but thetraditional ball bearings will be blocked by the entered sands or dusts, thenthe ball bearings moving system and the shaft surface will be damaged.


Characteristics of LIN Plastic Linear Bearings

Maintenance free plastic linear bearing. Low noise operation is suitable for continuously application under the extremely dusty environment. It is washable by the clean detergent of the food machine. There is no critical requirement about the shaft hardness or the mounting holes of the housing Maintenance-free, dry operation, low noise
Suitable for long-time running in dusty environments
Corrosion resistance; Cleaning with disinfectant
Straight grooves design removes dust from the friction surface
Easy installation and replacement
Suitable for lightweight design


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