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The oval flange mounted LMH linear bearing adopts metric sizes and conforms to Asian machinery standards. The main components for LMH linear motion bearing include sleeve, steel balls, nylon retainer, seals and flange. Linear bearing LMH series has no gap or no retaining grooves. There is an elliptical flange at one end of the bushing. Four circular connecting holes are evenly distributed in the flange for fixing the bearing. The oval flange mounted is used to fix the product. During the process of the mounting, the surface accuracy and roughness of inner bore of the coordinated equipment should be controlled within tolerances.


This oval flange mounted LMH linear bearing has two subcategories with almost same performance and dimensions. UU is a common type, and LUU is a lengthened type. Both of them are characterized by quiet running, small coefficient of friction, high operating accuracy, and easy replacement. What’s more, it also works steadily due to the stably mounted flange.


The linear bearing LMH series are widely used in home appliances, industrial, low noise and high speed electric motors, construction machinery, automotive components, pumps, and machinery.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthFlangeHole for AttachmentFlange verticality
LMH6UU460 -0.009120 -0.011190 -0.202818520-3.563.10.0120.01221270.021
LMH8UU480 -0.009150 -0.011240 -0.203221524-3.563.10.0120.01227410.033
LMH10UU4100 -0.009190 -0.013290 -0.204025629-
LMH12UU4120 -0.009210 -0.013300 -0.204227632-
LMH13UU4130 -0.009230 -0.013320 -0.204329633-
LMH16UU5160 -0.009280 -0.013370 -0.204834631224.
LMH20UU5200 -0.010320 -0.016420 -0.205438836245.595.10.0150.015881400.167
LMH25UU6250 -0.010400 -0.016590 -0.306246840325.595.10.0150.0151001600.325
LMH30UU6300 -0.010450 -0.016640 -0.3074511049356.6116.10.0150.0151602800.388
LMH35UU6350 -0.012520 -0.019700 -0.3082581055386.6116.10.020.021703200.59
LMH40UU6400 -0.012600 -0.019800 -0.3096661364459148.10.020.022204100.91
LMH50UU6500 -0.012800 -0.0191000 -0.30116861380569148.10.020.023827942.05

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