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The pilot flange type linear bearing with oval flange consists of seal rings, outer sleeve, steel balls and nylon retainers. The raw material for these components are chrome steel, aluminum and resin.


This series of pilot flange linear bearing is designed in accordance with the Asian standard, so this metric size is widely used in the Asian market. The pilot flange linear bearing LMHP...L is characterized by low friction, low noise, firm flange, stable traveling and easy change.


For LMHP...L type linear bearing, the length of the bushing part on the flange side is significantly smaller than the length on the other side, the shorter side length (I) ranges from 5 to 13 mm, and this side has a mounting guide. The long side length calculation formula is L-H-I. The flange is matched with the corresponding module to make the shaft positioning simple, and it does not need to be installed in the matching bearing pillow blocks. The installation is simple and economical. The use of flange linear bearings reduces the overall weight of the linear bearing assembly and provides smoother operation.



Flange bearings are suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motors, office equipment, micro motor soft drives, pressure rotors, dental drills, motors, fans, pulleys, in transmission equipment, entertainment equipment, robots, medical equipment and other products.


Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthIFlangeHole for AttachmentFlange verticality
LMHP6LUU460 -0.010120 -0.013350 -0.3052818520-3.563.10.0150.01533540.028
LMHP8LUU480 -0.010150 -0.013450 -0.3053221524-3.563.10.0150.01544800.047
LMHP10LUU4100 -0.010190 -0.016550 -0.3064025629-
LMHP12LUU4120 -0.010210 -0.016570 -0.3064227632-
LMHP13LUU4130 -0.010230 -0.016610 -0.3064329633-
LMHP16LUU5160 -0.010280 -0.016700 -0.3064834631224.
LMHP20LUU5200 -0.012320 -0.019800 -0.3085438836245.595.10.020.021432800.247
LMHP25LUU6250 -0.012400 -0.0191120 -0.4086246840325.595.10.020.021593200.525
LMHP30LUU6300 -0.012450 -0.0191230 -0.401074511049356.6116.10.020.022545600.645
LMHP35LUU6350 -0.015520 -0.0221350 -0.401082581055386.6116.10.0250.0252706400.96
LMHP40LUU6400 -0.015600 -0.022151 (154)0 -0.401396661364459148.10.0250.0253508201.41
LMHP50LUU6500 -0.015800 -0.0221920 -0.4013116861380569148.10.0250.02560815903.45

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