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The Spherical Plain Bearing GE.ES 2RS Series consists primarily of an outer ring and an inner ring. The inner spherical surface of the outer ring and the outer spherical surface of the inner ring constitute a rolling friction pair. Since the structural form and working mechanism of the joint bearing are completely different from those of the rolling bearing, the joint bearing has its own technical characteristics and maintenance requirements.

The allowable operating temperature of the GE.ES 2RS Series is primarily determined by the mating materials between the sliding surfaces of the bearings. In particular, the sliding surface of the plastic material of the self-lubricating joint bearing has a downward trend in the bearing capacity at high temperatures. For example, when the sliding surface material of a lubricated joint bearing is paired with steel/steel, the allowable operating temperature depends on the allowable operating temperature of the lubricant. However, for all lubricated and self-lubricating joint bearings, they can be used in the temperature range of -30 ° C ~ +80 ° C, and maintain the correct bearing capacity.



1) Sliding contact surfaces: Steel.

2) Materials: Both outer race and inner race are made of high chrome bearing steel.

3) Heat treatment: Both outer race and inner race are quenched (hardened), surface phosphorized.

4) Features of structure: With oil groove and oil holes, with an axial split in outer race. With dual seals.

5) Lubricant: molybdenum disulfide.

6) Properties: Good wearability, corrosion resistance, self-alignment, dust proof.



1.A-frames, dump cylinders, front and rear struts, and steering cylinders for mining trucks

2.Equalizer track bars, lift and tilt cylinders, push blades, trunnion balls and ripper blades for bulldozers

3.Articulated joint upper and lower steering cylinders and boom and bucket cylinders for wheel loaders

4.Stick and bucket cylinders for hydraulic excavators

5.Additional applications for space shuttles, heavy movable structures and miscellaneous vehicles


Bearing ModelDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
dDBCdkr1 minr2 minαDyn.CStat.Co
GE15ES 2RS1526129220.30.3816840.027 
GE17ES 2RS17301410250.30.310211060.041 
GE20ES 2RS20351612290.30.39301460.066 
GE25ES 2RS2542201635.50.60.67482400.119 
GE30ES 2RS3047221840.70.60.66623100.153 
GE35ES 2RS35552520470.616793990.233 
GE40ES 2RS40622822530.617994950.306 
GE45ES 2RS45683225600.6171276370.427 
GE50ES 2RS50753528660.6161567800.546 
GE60ES 2RS609044368011624512201.040 
GE70ES 2RS7010549409211631315601.550 
GE80ES 2RS80120554510511640020002.310 
GE90ES 2RS90130605011511548824402.750 
GE100ES 2RS100150705513011760730304.450 
GE110ES 2RS110160705514011665432704.820 
GE120ES 2RS120180857016011695047508.050 
GE140ES 2RS14021090701801171070535011.020 
GE160ES 2RS160230105802001181360680014.010 
GE180ES 2RS180260105802251.11.161530765018.650 
GE200ES 2RS2002901301002501.11.1721201060028.030 
GE220ES 2RS2203201351002751.11.1823201160035.510 
GE240ES 2RS2403401401003001.11.1825501270039.900 
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