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For LMBF circular flange linear bearing, the bushing sleeve and flange of the linear bush are formed into one piece. This type can be bolted directly to a housing, making installation simple. The ball retainer is mounted inside the bushing together with the steel balls and sealed with a retaining ring from one side or both sides of the bushing.

Flange Linear Bearing LMBF Series is a low-cost production of linear motion system for unlimited travel with the cylinder axis. Since the ball bearing point contact with the shaft, so use the load is small. Minimal friction ball rotation, thereby to obtain smooth movement precision. 

The nut of the standard type Linear Bushing is integrated with a flange. This enables the Linear Bushing to be directly mounted onto the housing with bolts, thus achieving easy installation.

This round flange mount linear bearing LMBF type is relatively similar to the square flange mounted type except the flange shape. Its sub-class products are also common in the appearance and functionality. LMF, LMEF, and LMBF series available in a variety of sizes are respectively suitable for machines in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. 


The linear bearing can be used in the CNC multi-axis lathes, printers, power tools, sports equipment, and other machinery.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthFlangeHole for AttachmentFlange verticality(MAX.)
LMBF441/4"0 -0.0090.5"0 -0.0110.75"0 -0.201.25"1"0.219"0.875"0.156"0.25"0.141"0.0120.01221270.032
LMBF446.350 -0.00912.70 -0.01119.050 -0.2031.7525.45.55622.2253.9696.353.5720.0120.01221270.032
LMBF6UU43/8"0 -0.0090.625"0 -0.0130.875"0 -0.201.5"1.25"0.25"1.062"0.1875"0.297"0.172"0.0120.01223320.047
LMBF6UU49.5250 -0.00915.8750 -0.01322.2250 -0.2038.131.756.3526.9884.7637.5414.3660.0120.01223320.047
LMBF8UU41/2"0 -0.0090.875"0 -0.0131.25"0 -0.201.75"1.375"0.25"1.312"0.1875"0.297"0.172"0.0120.01252800.088
LMBF8UU412.70 -0.00922.2250 -0.01331.750 -0.2044.4534.9256.3533.3384.7637.5414.3660.0120.01252800.088
LMBF10UU45/8"0 -0.0091.125"0 -0.0131.5"0 -0.202"1.5"0.25"1.562"0.1875"0.297"0.172"0.0120.012791200.140 
LMBF10UU415.8750 -0.00928.5750 -0.01338.10 -0.2050.838.16.3539.6884.7637.5414.3660.0120.012791200.140 
LMBF12UU43/4"0 -0.0101.25"0 -0.0161.625"0 -0.202.1875"1.6875"0.3125"1.718"0.2187"0.344"0.203"0.0150.015881400.190 
LMBF12UU419.050 -0.01031.750 -0.01641.2750 -0.2055.56342.8637.93843.665.5568.7315.1590.0150.015881400.190 
LMBF16UU51"0 -0.0101.5625"0 -0.0162.25"0 -0.302.5"2"0.3125"2.031"0.2187"0.344"0.203"0.0150.0151001600.325
LMBF16UU525.40 -0.01039.6880 -0.01657.150 -0.3063.550.87.93851.5945.5568.7315.1590.0150.0151001600.325
LMBF20UU51-1/4"0 -0.0122"0 -0.0192.625"0 -0.303.125"2.5"0.375"2.5625"0.2812"0.406"0.2656"0.020.021602800.665
LMBF20UU531.750 -0.01250.80 -0.01966.6750 -0.3079.37563.59.52565.0887.14410.3196.7470.020.021602800.665
LMBF24UU61-1/2"0 -0.0122.375"0 -0.0193"0 -0.303.75"3"0.5"3.0625"0.344"0.5"0.328"0.020.022224101.100 
LMBF24UU638.10 -0.01260.3250 -0.01976.20 -0.3095.2576.212.777.7888.73112.78.3340.020.022224101.100 
LMBF32UU62"0 -0.0123"0 -0.0224"0 -0.304.375"3.5"0.5"3.6875"0.344"0.5"0.328"0.0250.0253908101.760 
LMBF32UU650.80 -0.01276.20 -0.022101.60 -0.30111.12588.912.793.6628.73112.78.3340.0250.0253908101.760 
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