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The outer sleeve surface of the LMHC...L long centered oval flange linear bearing is a complete one without outer stop grooves, enhancing installation freedom. It contains two resin retainers, steel balls, flange, seals and outer sleeve. The ball retainer is mounted in the bushing together with the steel ball sand sealed with a seal ring from one side or both sides of the bushing. Comparing with standard bushing, the lengthen type linear bushing features a higher allowable load and moment load.


The nominal shaft diameter for flange linear bushing LMHC...L is from 6mm to 50mm, and when the shaft diameter is less than 13mm, there are only two fixing holes in the oval flange, while if it’s more than 16mm, there are four fixing holes in total for the bushing.


The middle pilot flanged type linear bushing LMHC...L is ease of installation and installed without housing. When the load of moving body passed directly to the linear bushing, the pilot flange can get more stable movement and being the most suitable for moment load on both sides of the moving body.



The flange linear bearings are suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motors, office equipment, micro motor soft drives, pressure rotors, dental drills, hard disk motors, stepper motors, video recorder drums, toy models and other products.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Flange verticality(MAX.)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthIFlangeHole for Attachment
LMHC6LUU460 -0.010120 -0.013350 -0.30152818520-3.563.10.0150.01533540.028
LMHC8LUU480 -0.010150 -0.013450 -0.30203221524-3.563.10.0150.01544800.047
LMHC10LUU4100 -0.010190 -0.016550 -0.3024.54025629-
LMHC12LUU4120 -0.010210 -0.016570 -0.3025.54227632-
LMHC13LUU4130 -0.010230 -0.016610 -0.3027.54329633-
LMHC16LUU5160 -0.010280 -0.016700 -0.30324834631224.
LMHC20LUU5200 -0.012320 -0.019800 -0.30365438836245.595.10.020.021432800.247
LMHC25LUU6250 -0.012400 -0.0191120 -0.40526246840325.595.10.020.021593200.525
LMHC30LUU6300 -0.012450 -0.0191230 -0.4056.574511049356.6116.10.020.022545600.645
LMHC35LUU6350 -0.015520 -0.0221350 -0.4062.582581055386.6116.10.0250.0252706400.96
LMHC40LUU6400 -0.015600 -0.022151 (154)0 -0.4069 (70.5)96661364459148.10.0250.0253508201.41
LMHC50LUU6500 -0.015800 -0.0221920 -0.4089.5116861380569148.10.0250.02560815903.41

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