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Bearings of type NFP have one flange, a loose flange on outer ring, and two integral flanges on inner ring. This type of bearing also can carry a certain amount of axial loads in double directions. This type of bearing can limit the displacement in double directions of the housing relative to the shaft. Therefore, they are suitable to be used as a locating bearing.


Most cages for single row NFP series cylindrical roller bearings are pressed steel cages or machined brass cages. While based on different bearing working conditions and client’s requirements, cages with other material and structure could be supplied, fiber reinforced polyamide, which can works continuously at the maximum temperature +120℃.


Single row NFP cylindrical roller bearings normally have cylindrical inner holes. But for some parts of the dimensions and specifications, tapered holes can also be provide. In this case, K would be added behind the bearing type.



The cylindrical roller bearings are generally used on pumps, blowers, speed reducers, general machinery, large and medium-sized motor, locomotives, spindle, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, reducer, rolling mill, vibrating screen and lifting transportation machinery.

Bearing Model Dimensions(mm)Weight(kg)
NFP 28/63063078088119
NFP 28/630Q463078088124
NFP 38/630630780112119
NFP 38/630Q4630780112126
NFP 38/630/P6630780112119
NFP 38/670670820112124
NFP 38/670Q4670820112133
NFP 38/750Q4750920128193
NFP 38/600X2QI6007309085
NFP 38/600x2Q46007309083.2
NFP 381600X2M/P66007309092.6
NFP 38/666.75X3Q4666.75800112130
NFP 2934170230364.65
NFP 040Fl2003103410.2
NFP 205E2552150.16
NFP 2063062160.22
NFP 206E3062160.22
NFP 2073572170.297
NFP 2084080180.391
NFP 208E4080180.4
NFP 2094585190.46
NFP 2105090200.6
NFP 3042052150.201
NFP 304E2052150.201
NFP 305E2562170.254
NFP 3063072190.37
NFP 306E3072190.41
NFP 3084090230.703
NFP 30945100250.931
NFP 6613054606541.1
NFP 661L3054606541.1
NFP 6/558.8Q4/C9558.8660.476.249.6
NFP 6/596.9Q4/C9596.9723.988.979.5
NFP 6/600M6007309089.1
NFP 6/600600830150237
NFP 6/647.7Q4/C9647.7774.7101.697
NFP 6/666.75/C9666.75838.2114.3154
NFP 6/666.75666.75838.2114.3154
NFP 6/666.75/P67666.75838.2114.3154
NFP 6/666.75/P5666.75838.2114.3163
NFP 6/666.75/P6666.75838.2114.3163
NFP 6/666.75M/P6666.75838.2114.3144.7
NFP 6/666.75Q4667838114154
NFP 6/666.75Q4/C9666.75812.8120.65138
NFP 6/666.75F1667838114143
NFP 6/723.795Q1723.8908.05180230
NFP 6/723.795Q4/HC723908121193
NFP 6/723.765Q4724908121193
NFP 6/723.9Q4723.9908.5120.6193
NFP 6/723.795Q4/C9723.8908.5120.6193

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