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The LME-UU linear motion ball bearing is also known as LME standard linear ball bearing . LME is the code name for the metric series of linear bearings and it is designed and manufactured under European machine standards, such as Germany and France. It includes a variety of models that are applicable to the shaft with a nominal diameter of 3mm to 60mm. By the way, the balls controlled within the retainer effectively reduce the friction loss because of rolling friction.


LME European standard linear bearing, its bushing, and steel balls are made of high quality chrome steel. The linear bushing is produced from a solid steel outer cylinder and incorporates an industrial strength resin retainer. The retaining ring, also called sealing ring, normally indicated by U or P, is made of NBR material. The ball retainer is mounted inside the linear bushing together with the steel balls and sealed with a seal ring from one side or both sides of the bushing.


Linear bearing LME series standard linear bearing is rolling friction. The steel balls contact the bushing and the cylindrical shaft , and rotates with a very small frictional resistance, so that high precision can be obtained. Linear bearing LME series is suitable for low loads with high-speed linear motion. In addition, please note the linear bearing structure features cannot be rotated.



The linear bearings are widely used in precision equipment or special machinery industries, such as electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, robots, CNC machine tools, automobiles and digital three dimensional coordinate measuring equipment.


Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inner diameterOuter diameterlengthExternal stop grooveWMAX.
LME3430 +0.00870 -0.008100 -0.12----0.017110.00135
LME4440 +0.00880 -0.008120 -0.12----0.019130.0019
LME5UU450 +0.008120 -0.008220 -0.2014.50 -0.2011.51.10.01221270.011
LME8UU480 +0.008160 -0.008250 -0.2016.50 -0.2015.21.10.01227410.02
LME10UU4100 +0.008190 -0.009290 -0.20220 -0.20181.30.01238470.0295
LME12UU4120 +0.008220 -0.009320 -0.2022.90 -0.20211.30.01252790.041
LME16UU516 +0.009-0.001260 -0.009360 -0.2024.90 -0.2024.91.30.01259910.057
LME20UU520+0.009-0.001320 -0.011450 -0.2031.50 -0.2030.31.60.015881400.091
LME25UU625+0.011-0.001400 -0.011580 -0.3044.10 -0.3037.51.850.0151001600.215
LME30UU630+0.011-0.001470 -0.011680 -0.3052.10 -0.3044.51.850.0151602800.325
LME40UU640+0.013-0.002620 -0.013800 -0.3060.60 -0.30592.150.0172204000.705
LME50UU650+0.013-0.002750 -0.0131000 -0.3077.60 -0.30722.650.0173904101.13
LME60UU660+0.013-0.002900 -0.0151250 -0.30101.70 -0.4086.53.150.024808102.05

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