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LM-L long linear bearings, also known as LM-L long linear ball bearings or LM-L long linear bushing bearings. LM is the code name for the Asian series in linear bearings, and L is the abbreviation for long. This type of bearing is mainly used in Asian markets where use metric units, such as Japan, Korea, and Singapore.

The bushing and steel balls of LM-L long linear bearing are made of high carbon bearing steel. The ball retainer is made of steel or synthetic resin POM material. The sealing ring, usually represented by U or P, is made of NBR.

The ball retainer is mounted inside the adjustable bushing together with the ball and sealed with a retaining ring (seal) from one side or both sides of the bushing to form linear bearings.

The bushing of LM-L long linear bearing is fully closed with an outer stop groove at each end. 

LM-L long linear bearings are generally mounted to the corresponding extended linear bearing housings for use with linear shafts. This type incorporates two retainers of the standard type, and is therefore best suited for locations subject to a moment load. It is useful to reducing assembly man-hours.

Unlike ordinary ball bearings, the basic dynamic load rating of LM-L long linear bearings is less than the basic static load rating, and this value can be expanded to nearly three times as the size increases.

Due to the smooth surface, the product is convenient to be processed. In addition, it can be installed in any direction, and can work accurately requiring only one axis as the support. This linear bearing can well support the rotation of the shaft and the parts on the shaft, and can maintain the normal working position and rotating precision of the shaft. Hence, it is a good choice for users.


Linear bearings are widely used in electronic equipment, tensile testing machine and the digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment, precision equipment, and multi axis machine tools, presses, tool grinder, automatic gas cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, food packing machines and other industrial machinery sliding components.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inner diameterOuter diameterlengthExternal stop grooveWMAX.
LM4LUU440 -0.01080 -0.011230 -0.30----0.0118250.0048
LM5LUU450 -0.010100 -0.011280 -0.3020.40 -0.309.61.10.0126.141.20.011
LM6LUU460 -0.010120 -0.013350 -0.30270 -0.3011.51.10.01533540.016
LM8LUU480 -0.010150 -0.013450 -0.30350 -0.3014.31.10.01544800.031
LM10LUU4100 -0.010190 -0.016550 -0.30440 -0.30181.30.015601120.062
LM12LUU4120 -0.010210 -0.016570 -0.30460 -0.30201.30.015831600.080 
LM13LUU4130 -0.010230 -0.016610 -0.30460 -0.30221.30.015831600.090 
LM16LUU5160 -0.010280 -0.016700 -0.30530 -0.30271.60.0151262400.145
LM20LUU5200 -0.012320 -0.019800 -0.30610 -0.3030.51.60.021432800.180 
LM25LUU6250 -0.012400 -0.0191120 -0.40820 -0.40381.850.021593200.440 
LM30LUU6300 -0.012450 -0.0191230 -0.40890 -0.40431.850.022545600.480 
LM35LUU6350 -0.015520 -0.0221350 -0.40990 -0.40492.10.0252706400.795
LM40LUU6400 -0.015600 -0.022151 (154)0 -0.401210 -0.40572.10.0253508201.170 
LM50LUU6500 -0.015800 -0.0221920 -0.401480 -0.4076.52.60.02562016223.100 
LM60LUU6600 -0.020900 -0.0252090 -0.401700 -0.4086.53.150.02577020403.500 
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