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The linear case unit SC...LUU model is a long type aluminum slide unit where two standard type of linear bushings are incorporated into a small, lightweight aluminum casing. There is an oil filling hole on the unit side and a circlip on each end in the proper position. There are also two rubber seals (UU) at both ends of the linear bearing, to prevent debris or ball bearing contamination. This model can easily be mounted simply by securing it to the table with bolts. This version is especially prevalent in Asian region.


Advantages of the bearing bushing include less tilt or friction, less wear over time, and better machining results. As the slide unit mainly uses aluminum and chrome steel as raw material, which ensures strong rust-proof and acid-resistant performance. Moreover, the closed bearing design allows for a lower cost installation by using end supported shafts.



The Linear Bushing is used in a broad array of applications, such as slide units of precision equipment including OA equipment and peripherals, measuring instruments, automatic recorders and dig-ital 3D measuring instruments, industrial machines including multi spindle drilling machine, punching press, tool grinder, automatic gas cutting apparatus, printing machine, card selector and food packing machine.


Bearing ModelBuilt-in bearingShaft DiameterDimensions(mm)Mounting DimensionsWeight(kg)
SC8LUU 2*LM8UU8111734582218624425M43.480.1
SC10LUU 2*LM10UU10132040682621828466M54.3120.18
SC12LUU   2*LM12UU 12152142702824830.5505.75M54.3120.2
SC13LUU 2*LM13UU13152244753024.5833505.5M54.3120.23
SC16LUU 2*LM16UU161925508538.532.5936607M54.3120.39
SC20LUU 2*LM20UU202127549641351140707M65.2120.49
SC25LUU 2*LM25UU2526387613051.542125410011M87181.165
SC30LUU 2*LM30UU3030397814059.549155811010M87181.43
SC35LUU 2*LM35UU353445901556854187012010M87182.13
SC40LUU 2*LM40UU4040511021757862208014011M108.7253.09
SC50LUU 2*LM50UU505261122215102802510016011M108.7256.53
SC60LUU 2*LM60UU605866132240114943010818012M1210.7259.29

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