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The ball bushing LMEF--L types has a circular flange attached to the end of its sleeve. Because of a flange this linear bearing is easy to install. It contains two synthetic resin retainers, which give it a higher allowable load and allowable moment load compared to a single-retainer bushing. Electroless nickel plating is applied as standard to the outer surface.


The outer sleeve surface of the LMEF-L long circular flange type linear bearing is complete part without any stop groove in the outer. The circular flange part is evenly distributed with four connection hole for fixing the entire bearing. The number of ball rows of LMEF-L Asian series linear bearings varies according to the bearing size, and ranges from 4 to 6 columns. By the way, UU in the model name refers to this bearing is ordinary one, while LUU corresponds to the lengthen type.



The linear bearings are widely used in electronic equipment, tensile testing machine, as well as multi-axis machine, punching machine, tool grinder, automatic gas cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, food packing machines and other industrial machinery.


Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthFlangeHole for AttachmentFlange verticality(MAX.)
LMEF8LUU48+0.009-0.001160 -0.009460 -0.3032255243.563.10.0150.01543820.059
LMEF10LUU410+0.009-0.001190 -0.011550 -0.3040306294.
LMEF12LUU412+0.009-0.001220 -0.011610 -0.3042326324.
LMEF16LUU516+0.011-0.001260 -0.011680 -0.3046356364.
LMEF20LUU520+0.011-0.001320 -0.013800 -0.3054428435.595.10.0170.0171402800.26
LMEF25LUU625+0.013-0.002400 -0.0131120 -0.4062508515.595.10.0170.0171603200.54
LMEF30LUU630+0.013-0.002470 -0.0131230 -0.40766010626.6116.10.0170.0172255600.815
LMEF40LUU640+0.016-0.004620 -0.0151510 -0.40987513809148.10.020.023508201.805
LMEF50LUU650+0.016-0.004750 -0.0151920 -0.401128813949148.10.020.0262016222.82
LMEF60LUU660+0.016-0.004900 -0.0202090 -0.40134106181121117.510.80.0250.02577020404.92

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