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The drawn cup roller clutches bearings HF style comprise thin-walled, drawn outer cups with a series of ramps on the inside diameter, steel cages and needle rollers, which serve as clamping elements. Steel or plastic springs hold the needle rollers in their clamped position. Drawn cup roller clutches can transmit high torques in one direction and are particularly compact in a radial direction. The roller clutches are available with and without support bearing arrangements.


The HF series is composed of one-way bearings, and they are consisting of a drawn cup roller clutch with a single or multiple rollers. The models of this series come with different bore sizes that ranges from 6 mm up to 35 mm. The drawn cup needle roller clutch of these bearings has a small radial section height and is also popular with the name of One Way Bearing or Anti-Reverse Bearing. Furthermore, these one way bearings are specifically designed for the transmission of torque between the shaft and housing in one direction.


In addition, bearings with plastic springs have the suffix KF, and suffix R refers to knurled outside surface.



Drawn cup roller clutches can be used in various applications such as indexing clutches, back-stopping clutches and overrunning clutches. 


Bearing Model Dimensions(mm)Md pernGWnGAWeight(Kg)
HF030636.560,18 Nm45000 1/min8000 1/min0.5
HF04094860,34 Nm34000 1/min8000 1/min1
HF0612610121,76 Nm23000 1/min13000 1/min3
HF0812812123,15 Nm17000 1/min12000 1/min3.5
HF10121014125,3 Nm14000 1/min11000 1/min4
HF121612181612,2 Nm11000 1/min8000 1/min10.5
HF141614201617,3 Nm9500 1/min8000 1/min13
HF161616221620,5 Nm8500 1/min7500 1/min14
HF181618241624,1 Nm7500 1/min7500 1/min15.5
HF201620261628,5 Nm7000 1/min6500 1/min17
HF252025322066 Nm5500 1/min5500 1/min30.9
HF302030372090 Nm4500 1/min4500 1/min36
HF3520354220121 Nm3900 1/min3900 1/min40
HF3530354230142 Nm3600 1/min3600 1/min58

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