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Flange Linear Bearing LMEK-L Series is one of popular linear bearings with flange. Holes in the flange of linear bushing allow easy mounting to other construction of linear motion assembly. Steel outer ring and polyamide retainer of linear bearing are optimally designed which reflect in superior performance and low friction.


LMEK L long flange linear bearing has a square flange with a non-flanged linear bearing as a whole, and the corresponding module makes the shaft positioning simple.  


These linear ball bushings LMEK-L series are characterized by their pre-drilled square housing for a smooth movement, high rigidity and low friction, they are easy to maintain or replace and have a good lifespan in service. They consist of a steel outer housing with set of balls running around their own tracks. The UU series has the benefit of rubber seals to prevent the ingress of dust and moisture.


In addition, UU type is a common square flange linear bearing, while the LUU type refers to the lengthened one.



Linear bearings are widely used in precision equipment, measuring equipment, auto recording equipment, 3D measuring equipment, and linear motion systems in machine for mass production; multi-axis drilling machines, punching press, tool grinders, auto-gas cutters, printing machines, card selectors and food packing machines. 

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthFlangeHole for AttachmentFlange verticality(MAX.)
LMEK8LUU48+0.009-0.001160 -0.009460 -0.3032255243.563.10.0150.01543820.051
LMEK10LUU410+0.009-0.001190 -0.011550 -0.3040306294.
LMEK12LUU412+0.009-0.001220 -0.011610 -0.3042326324.
LMEK16LUU516+0.011-0.001260 -0.011680 -0.3046356364.
LMEK20LUU520+0.011-0.001320 -0.013800 -0.3054428435.595.10.0170.0171402800.225
LMEK25LUU625+0.013-0.002400 -0.0131120 -0.4062508515.595.10.0170.0171603200.5
LMEK30LUU630+0.013-0.002470 -0.0131230 -0.40766010626.6116.10.0170.0172255600.72
LMEK40LUU640+0.016-0.004620 -0.0151510 -0.40987513809148.10.020.023508201.6
LMEK50LUU650+0.016-0.004750 -0.0151920 -0.401128813949148.10.020.0262016222.62
LMEK60LUU660+0.016-0.004900 -0.0202090 -0.40134106181121117.510.80.0250.02577020404.48

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