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Spherical plain bearing GE.ES Series is similar to a rod end, but is designed to be pressed into plates or housings and is used to absorb misalignment in a linkage. GE...ES type has a large spherical sliding contact area and a large angle of inclination. The metric size GE-ES series spherical plain bearing is made of precision ground 52100 bearing steel via heat treated, phosphated, and fractured. The sliding surfaces are treated with MoS2. Therefore they can operate with low torque, and have excellent wear resistance and large load capacity. They are especially suitable for applications where there are alternate loads and shock loads.


Spherical plain bearings GE..ES series are self-aligning spherical plain bushings that have inner and outer rings with spherical sliding surfaces, and can take a large radial load and a bi-directional axial load at the same time.


The GE…ES type can be provided with seals, which are double-lip type polyurethane seals effective for prevention against grease leakage and dust penetration. The sealed type is indicated by the suffix "-2RS" at the end of the identification number.



The spherical plain bearings are widely used in mining and haul truck, oil derricks, robotics and animation, vehicles, construction equipment etc.


Bearing ModelDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
dDBCdkr1 minr2 minαDyn.CStat.Co
GE15ES 1526129220.30.3816840.027
GE17ES 17301410250.30.310211060.041
GE20ES 20351612290.30.39301460.066
GE25ES 2542201635.50.60.67482400.119
GE30ES 3047221840.70.60.66623100.153
GE35ES 35552520470.616793990.233
GE40ES 40622822530.617994950.306
GE45ES 45683225600.6171276370.427
GE50ES 50753528660.6161567800.546
GE60ES 609044368011624512201.04
GE70ES 7010549409211631315601.55
GE80ES 80120554510511640020002.31
GE90ES 90130605011511548824402.75
GE100ES 100150705513011760730304.45
GE110ES 110160705514011665432704.82
GE120ES 120180857016011695047508.05
GE140ES 14021090701801171070535011.02
GE160ES 160230105802001181360680014.01
GE180ES 180260105802251.11.161530765018.65
GE200ES 2002901301002501.11.1721201060028.03
GE220ES 2203201351002751.11.1823201160035.51
GE240ES 2403401401003001.11.1825501270039.9

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