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Linear bearing LMB-OP series open linear bearings, OP is short for open, mainly used in the markets of the UK and other British Commonwealth of Nations. The bushing and steel ball of LMB-OP open type linear bearing is made of bearing steel. The ball retainer is made of metal steel, stainless steel or POM. The sealing ring, usually indicated by U or P.  


Open type LMB OP linear bearing is similar to the standard type in structure, including the outer race, steel ball, cage and end ring. The open type is cut off a group of circuit on the basis of the standard type. This allows easy connection to the guide rail and brings convenience for use in some special machinery.


The ball retainer of LMB linear bearing is mounted inside the bushing together with the ball and is sealed from one or both sides of the bushing with a retaining ring. The outer bushing of LM-OP open linear bearing has opening of an angle with outer stop grooves near each end.



The linear bearings are widely used in precision equipment such as electronic equipment, food machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, instruments, robots, CNC machine tools, automobiles and digital 3D coordinate measuring equipment.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)θBasic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inner diameterOuter diameterlengthExternal stop grooveWhMAX.
drToleranceDTolerance LTolerance BTolerance D1Dyn.CStat.Co
LMB08UUOP31/2"(12.7)0 -0.0090.875"(22.225)0 -0.0131.25"(31.75)0 -0.200.9625"(24.46)0 -0.200.8209"(20.853)0.0459"(1.168)0.34"(7.9375)80°0.01252800.028
LMB10UUOP35/8"(15.875)0 -0.0091.125"(28.575)0 -0.0131.5"(38.1)0 -0.201.1039"(28.04)0 -0.201.059"(26.899)0.0559"(1.422)0.375"(9.525)80°0.015791200.057
LMB12UUOP43/4"(19.05)0 -0.0101.25"(31.75)0 -0.0161.625"(41.275)0 -0.201.1657"(29.61)0 -0.201.176"(29.87)0.0559"(1.422)0.4375"(11.1125)60°0.015881400.076
LMB16UUOP41"(25.4)0 -0.0101.5625"(39.688)0 -0.0162.25"(57.15)0 -0.301.7547"(44.57)0 -0.301.4687"(37.306)0.0679"(1.727)0.5625"(14.2875)50°0.0151001600.17
LMB20UUOP51-1/4"(31.75)0 -0.0122"(50.8)0 -0.0192.625"(66.675)0 -0.302.0047"(50.92)0 -0.301.8859"(47.904)0.0679"(1.727)0.625"(15.875)50°0.021602800.37
LMB24UUOP51-1/2"(38.1)0 -0.0122.375"(60.325)0 -0.0193"(76.2)0 -0.302.4118"(61.26)0 -0.302.2389"(56.87)0.859"(2.184)0.75"(19.05)50°0.022204100.57
LMB32UUOP52"(50.8)0 -0.0123"(76.2)0 -0.0224"(101.6)0 -0.303.1917"(81.07)0 -0.302.8379"(72.085)0.1029"(2.616)1"(25.4)50°0.0253908100.98

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