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SCE--LUU precision slide block is a long unit able to be mounted from above or below, making it easy to incorporate into the intended system. Positioning and precision enhancements are facilitated with one of the side aspects serving as datum face. The extruded aluminum case has undergone sufficient post-extrusion heat treatment to create a compact, lightweight and precision item.


Linear bearing SCE LUU series, is a suitable series for European market. L is an abbreviation for Long. This model consists of a long type aluminum housing with 4 fixing holes as well as two KB standard linear bearings. There is an oil hole on the unit side and one circlip on each end in the proper position. There are also two rubber seals (UU) at both ends of the linear bearing to keep back debris or ball bearing contamination.


The slide unit mainly uses aluminum and bearing steel as raw material, ensuring strong rust-proof and acid-resistant performance. The finished bearing comes with different sizes, rich styles and complete models.



The slide blocks are widely used in electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machinery and equipment, robots, tools, machinery, machine tools, automotive and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment and other precision machinery or special machinery industry.

Bearing ModelBuilt-in bearingShaft DiameterDimensions(mm)Mounting DimensionsWeight(kg)
SCE12LUU2*LME12UU 12152244773024.5864645.5M54.3120.237 
SCE16LUU2*LME16UU 161925508938.532.5979797M54.3120.405 
SCE20LUU2*LME20UU 2021275410041351190907M55.2120.510 
SCE25LUU2*LME25UU 2526387613651.5421211911911M67181.220 
SCE30LUU2*LME30UU 3030397815459.5491513213210M87181.580 
SCE40LUU2*LME40UU 40405110218078622015015011M108.7253.180 
SCE50LUU2*LME50UU 505261122230102802510020011M108.7256.990 
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