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The LMK..L series is a lengthen type on the basis of standard type, so the  outer cylinder of slide bush contains two standard ball retainers that is perfectly designed to control the circulation of ball elements, resulting in smooth linear motion. The linear bush uses a round shaft for the guiding axis and helps to save space, which allows for compact designs.


Because of its metric dimensions, the square flange linear bearing LMK..LUU is extensively used in Asian markets, such as Japan, Korea, and Singapore, etc. For this model, the nut is integrated with a flange. This enables the bearings to be directly mounted onto the housing with bolts, thus achieving easy installation.


Our linear bearing is available in standard and anti-corrosion types. Available options include steel retainer suitable for using in harsh environments, while resin retainer for low acoustic, low-cost requirement. Other options can be specified according to the application requirements.



Linear bearings are used widely in electronic equipment, pull tester, digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring device, multi-axis machine tools, CNC, press tool, tie rod end assemblies, printing machines, packaging machines, engraving machines, grinder, automatic gas cutting machine, printer, automotive cables, food packaging machine and other industrial machinery sliding components. 

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthFlangeHole for AttachmentFlange verticality(MAX.)
LMK6LUU460 -0.010120 -0.013350 -0.3028225203.563.10.0150.01533540.025
LMK8LUU480 -0.010150 -0.013450 -0.3032255243.563.10.0150.01544800.043
LMK10LUU4100 -0.010190 -0.016550 -0.3040306294.
LMK12LUU4120 -0.010210 -0.016570 -0.3042326324.
LMK13LUU4130 -0.010230 -0.016610 -0.3043346334.
LMK16LUU5160 -0.010280 -0.016700 -0.3048376384.
LMK20LUU5200 -0.012320 -0.019800 -0.3054428435.595.10.020.021432800.225
LMK25LUU6250 -0.012400 -0.0191120 -0.4062508515.595.10.020.021593200.5
LMK30LUU6300 -0.012450 -0.0191230 -0.40745810606.6116.10.020.022545600.59
LMK35LUU6350 -0.015520 -0.0221350 -0.40826410676.6116.10.0250.0252706400.93
LMK40LUU6400 -0.015600 -0.022151 (154)0 -0.40967513789148.10.0250.0253508201.38
LMK50LUU6500 -0.015800 -0.0221920 -0.401169213989148.10.0250.02562016223.4
LMK60LUU6600 -0.020900 -0.0252090 -0.40134106181121117.510.80.0250.02577020404.06

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