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LMK linear ball bearing has a chamfered square flange, and the ball retainer is mounted inside the bushing together with the steel balls and sealed with a retaining ring from one side or both sides of the bushing.


LMK square flange linear bearing has a complete and seamless bushing surface with no external stop groove. There is a square flange at one end of the bushing. Four circular connecting holes are evenly distributed around the four corners of the flange, to fix the bearing. With the corresponding module, the shaft positioning is simple, and it does not need to be installed in the matching bearing housing like a non-flange linear bearing. Therefore, it becomes very economical, and the overall weight of the linear bearing assembly is also reduced, the operation is smoother as well.


Unlike ball bearings, the basic static load rating of the LMK linear ball bearings is greater than the basic dynamic load rating, and as the size increases, this value gap continues to widen, even up to 2 times.



They are mainly used in small rotary motors, office equipment, micro motor soft drives, pressure rotors, dental drills, hard disk motors, stepper motors, video recorder drums, toy models, fans, pulleys, rollers, transmission equipment, entertainment equipment, robots, medical equipment and other products.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthFlangeHole for AttachmentFlange verticality(MAX.)
LMK6UU460 -0.009120 -0.011190 -0.2028225203.563.10.0120.01221270.018
LMK8SUU480 -0.009150 -0.011170 -0.2032255243.563.10.0120.01218220.024
LMK8UU480 -0.009150 -0.011240 -0.2032255243.563.10.0120.01228400.029
LMK10UU4100 -0.009190 -0.013290 -0.2040306294.
LMK12UU4120 -0.009210 -0.013300 -0.2042326324.
LMK13UU4130 -0.009230 -0.013320 -0.2043346334.
LMK16UU5160 -0.009280 -0.013370 -0.2048376384.
LMK20UU5200 -0.010320 -0.016420 -0.2054428435.595.10.0150.015901400.145
LMK25UU6250 -0.010400 -0.016590 -0.3062508515.595.10.0150.0151001600.3
LMK30UU6300 -0.010450 -0.016640 -0.30745810606.6116.10.0150.0151602800.375
LMK35UU6350 -0.012520 -0.019700 -0.30826410676.6116.10.020.021703200.56
LMK40UU6400 -0.012600 -0.019800 -0.30967513789148.10.020.022204100.88
LMK50UU6500 -0.012800 -0.0191000 -0.301169213989148.10.020.023908102
LMK60UU6600 -0.015900 -0.0221100 -0.30134106181121117.510.80.0250.02548010202.56
LMK80UU6800 -0.0151200 -0.0221400 -0.40164136181421117.510.80.0250.02573516005.3
LMK100UU61000-0.0201500-0.0291750 -0.3020017020175142013.10.030.03141034819.9

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