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 Linear motion system is designed with a maintenance-free sliding structure. All sliding units are made of wear-resistant material . All shafts or rails are Made of anodized aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Duo to the reasonable design of the material and structure,  linear motion system is maintenance-free, resistant to dust, anti-corrosion and low noise.

Design rules

Floating bearings for linear slide guides.n the case of a linear motion system with two shafts or rails, We recommend that the floating linear bearing must be ftted in one of sides. A suitable solution comprising fxed and floating bearings is available for every installation position, whether horizontal, vertical or lateral. This type of assembly prevents jamming and blockage on the guides resulting from discrepancies in parallelism. 
Floating bearings are created through a controlled extension of play in the direction of the expected parallelism error. During installation, take care that the floating bearing has approximately the same clearance on both sides. The mounting surfaces of the Shafts,rails and linear bearings should possess a good evenness to prevent twisting in the system. Smaller areas of mounting surface unevenness can be compensated to a certain extent by the floating bearing.



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