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SI...TK rod ends bearing is a spherical sliding bearing, which is composed of an inner ring with a spherical sliding sphere contact surface, an inner ring with an inner sphere and an outer ring with an inner sphere, and can bear a large load. According to its unique structures, it can bear the radial load, the axial load or the combined load in the radial direction.


High quality rod ends si..tk series has exclusive features, for example, it’s available in metric size with sintered bronze race and can be self-lubricating. For the ball, it’s made of heat treated bearing steel, and hard chrome plated.  


Spherical plain bearings can withstand a greater load. Since the outer spherical surface of the inner ring inlaid with composite materials, so that the wholesale rod ends si..tk series can be generated in the work of self-lubricating. Generally used for slower swing movement, but also for tilting movement within a certain range of angles, when supporting shaft and shaft housing bore a greater degree when the heart can still work properly.


Application of rod ends si..tk series

The rod end bearing is widely used for engineering hydraulic oil cylinder, forging machine tools, engineering machinery, automation equipment, car shock absorber, hydraulic machinery, water conservancy, professional machinery and other industries.Want to know more about si rod end, contact JNSN Bearing, we are a professional rod ends si..tk series supplier & manufacturer with rich experiences.  


Bearing ModelDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
SI5T/K5M5 x 0.88610918273648.51111.11135.760.016
SI6T/K6M6 x 1.096.7512112030405101312.7137.27.650.022
SI8T/K8M8 x 1.251291614243648512.51615.8751411.612.90.047
SI10T/K10M10 x 1.51410.520172843576.5151919.051314.5180.077
SI12T/K12M12 x1.75161222193250666.517.52222.2251317240.1
SI14T/K14M14 x 2.01913.525223657758202525.41624310.16
SI16T/K16M16 x 2.0211528224264858222728.5751528.5390.22
SI18T/K18M18 x 1.52316.5322744719310253131.751542.547.50.32
SI20T/K20M20 x 1.52518333050771021027.53434.9251442.5570.42
SI22T/K22M22 x 1.528203732548411112303838.11557680.54
SI25T/K25M24 x 2.03122423660941241233.54242.861568850.72
SI28T/K28M27 x 2.0352451416610313614374647.6315861070.82
SI30T/K30M30 x 2.0372551417011014515405050.817881141.1
SI35T/K35M36 x 2.04328565081125165.517465857.1516901281.6
SI40T/K40M42 x 2.04933605591142187.519536566.67161041342.4
SI50T/K50M48 x 2.060456565117160218.523657582.5121231545

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