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Linear bearing LMKC...L series is also known as long centered square flange linear bearings LMKC...L, and code L stands for the lengthen type. This type linear bearing bushing has a square flange positioned in the center of its outer sleeve, and the bushing parts on both sides of the flange have the same length.


The square flange is matched with the corresponding fittings to make the shaft positioning simple. It does not need to be fixed in the matching bearing housing. Therefore, it becomes very economical and reduces the overall weight of assembly. Moreover, with its good interchangeability, it widely uses for load bearing and long stroke applications.


There are several shapes for middle flanged type linear bearings, square, round and oval, while the flange of LMKC series is in square shape. Moreover, the user should be taken into consideration that the inner bore of the coupled equipment should be accurate enough to facilitate installation.



The flange linear bearings can be used in a wide variety of applications, including transportation equipment, food processing equipment, office equipment, dental drills, stepper motors, video recorder drums, fans, pulleys, rollers, robots, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other machinery.

Bearing ModelBall numberDimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating(kN)Weight(kg)
Inscribed circleOuter DiameterLengthIFlangeHole for AttachmentFlange verticality(MAX.)
LMKC6LUU460 -0.01120 -0.013350 -0.31528225203.563.10.0150.01533540.025 
LMKC8LUU480 -0.01150 -0.013450 -0.32032255243.563.10.0150.01544800.043 
LMKC10LUU4100 -0.01190 -0.016550 -0.324.540306294. 
LMKC12LUU4120 -0.01210 -0.016570 -0.325.542326324. 
LMKC13LUU4130 -0.01230 -0.016610 -0.327.543346334. 
LMKC16LUU5160 -0.01280 -0.016700 -0.33248376384. 
LMKC20LUU5200 -0.012320 -0.019800 -0.33654428435.595.10.020.021432800.225 
LMKC25LUU6250 -0.012400 -0.0191120 -0.45262508515.595.10.020.021593200.500 
LMKC30LUU6300 -0.012450 -0.0191230 -0.456.5745810606.6116.10.020.022545600.590 
LMKC35LUU6350 -0.015520 -0.0221350 -0.462.5826410676.6116.10.0250.0252706400.930 
LMKC40LUU6400 -0.015600 -0.022151 (154)0 -0.469 (70.5)967513789148.10.0250.0253508201.380 
LMKC50LUU6500 -0.015800 -0.0221920 -0.489.51169213989148.10.0250.02562016223.400 
LMKC60LUU6600 -0.020900 -0.0252090 -0.495.5134106181121117.511.80.030.0377020404.060 

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