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Actual product types of spindle bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-29
For new machine tools, it has the potential to improve important performance and reduce costs. The above functions can be achieved by applying proprietary technology in the bearing system layout, considering and optimizing the type of bearing used and adopting the correct method to install the bearing. The spindle bearing solution can make the new design have a unique selling point in the market, and it can also enhance the performance of the existing design. The actual product types of spindle bearings are provided in the catalog. However, the sizes and design types listed in the table are not complete; other sizes and different types of spindle bearings are also available as required. Universal matching bearing is a special product. They can be installed in any arrangement without any performance loss, and can be combined in different arrangements at will. This feature brings very important logistical advantages, especially in terms of spare parts purchase and inventory management. Bearings can be installed and configured according to the marks on the outer surface of the outer ring. Sealed Spindle Bearings Spindle bearings are high-precision functional components that are easily damaged by environmental influences, such as pollution and airflow. The selection of the appropriate amount of grease and lubricant is also the key that directly affects the service life of the machine tool, because the service life of the lubricant is the service life of the bearing. In the early days, standards for sealed high-speed spindle bearings (HSS, HCS and XCS) were established. Almost all spindle bearings now have non-contact gap seals at both ends. It is the advantages of this special seal that make it accepted by the market. The sealed spindle bearing is filled with ARCANOL L075 high-performance grease and has the following advantages: Rugged and durable, compact structure, ready to use, life-long lubrication, maintenance-free, with a proper amount of grease to prevent pollution and air-sealed spindle bearings Widespread application marks the conversion of lubrication methods from oil lubrication to grease lubrication. When classifying high-speed sealed spindle bearings, S (abbreviation for sealed) is added to the code. For large ball bearings, such as bearings with the prefix B, the suffix .2RSD is used to indicate this seal. Direct lubrication bearings When grease lubrication cannot meet the requirements, direct lubrication bearings are the best choice to increase the spindle speed. Directly lubricated bearings can ensure that the supplied lubricant is closer to the rolling contact area. It is realized by the circumferential lubrication groove and radial lubricating hole on the outer ring of the bearing. In addition, the precise O-ring seal makes the bearing sealed in the bearing seat. Directly lubricated bearings can reach extremely high speeds. Its special power density is not the only advantage of this design. Also reduces the cost of surrounding structural components. This saves space and reduces costs. In the hybrid ceramic ball bearing market, there is an increasing demand for steel inner and outer rings with ceramic balls. Initially only used at high speeds, hybrid ceramic ball bearings are now also used at low speeds. The reasons are: its sturdiness, durability and high reliability. Significantly prolong the service life of grease. Compared with the steel-to-steel material combination, the use of steel and ceramic materials can significantly reduce the load on the lubricant. The elliptical shape has a smaller stress change area, thus reducing the stress on the lubricant. Because of the use of different materials, the chance of adhesion is lower. In the same way, compared with bearings made of steel, the thermal stress is also reduced. The use of ceramic ball bearings greatly increases the speed, which also expands the scope of grease lubrication. The cost of the entire system, including design and actual operation, has been sufficiently reduced.
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