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Advantages of angular contact ball bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-15
HPS angular contact ball bearings have better load carrying capacity, higher limit speed and accuracy. Take the universal combination as the standard. (a) By extending the service life, it helps to reduce the operating cost of industrial machinery. By optimizing the internal design of the bearing and unique material technology, the bearing life is 90% longer than the original product. Therefore, it helps to reduce maintenance frequency and operating costs. In addition, in the case of the same set life, the miniaturization of the bearing is realized, which helps to realize the miniaturization and energy-saving design of the machine. By increasing the limit speed, it is helpful to realize the high speed of industrial machinery. By optimizing the internal design of the bearing model and the precision processing and manufacturing technology, the limit speed of the bearing is increased by 15%-20% compared with the original product. Therefore, the speed of industrial machinery can be increased, which contributes to the improvement of work efficiency. The universal combined bearing is used as a standard inventory product to facilitate accurate positioning. Precision machining and manufacturing technology are adopted. The bearing rotation accuracy reaches P5 level and the dimensional accuracy reaches P6 level. Angular contact ball bearings can be freely combined to facilitate precise positioning. Therefore, it is convenient for the assembly and maintenance of industrial machinery, and at the same time helps to achieve high efficiency of the machinery. There are 3 kinds of cages suitable for different purposes, which help to improve the reliability of industrial machinery. There are 3 kinds of cages to choose from: nylon 46 plastic cage with good high temperature strength (photo 1), excellent oil resistance and chemical resistance L-PPS plastic cage (photo 2) and high-reliability copper alloy car cage (photo 3). Therefore, the bearing helps to improve the reliability required by various industrial machinery.
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