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Advantages of INSOCOAT electrically insulated bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-13
Improve equipment reliability INSOCOAT insulated bearings can almost eliminate the problem of bearing failure caused by stray current, so the equipment reliability is higher and the running time is longer. Cost-effective electrical corrosion resistance INSOCOAT bearings integrate bearing and insulation performance into one solution. Compared with shaft or housing insulation, INSOCOAT bearings can provide good electrical corrosion resistance while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. Improve equipment uptime and reduce maintenance costs. INSOCOAT bearings increase the service life of equipment and extend the maintenance cycle. Easy to install, ready-to-use INSOCOAT bearings can be installed using standard methods and tools, and have high robustness during transportation and handling. Coating selection Bearings with a coated outer ring and an electrical insulating coating on the outer surface are the most common INSOCOAT bearings: Bearings with an inner diameter of less than 120 mm are recommended for medium-sized motors. Suitable for all types of housings. Can be applied to outer diameters. Bearings larger than 80 mm use the suffixes VL0241 and VL0246 to indicate that the inner ring is coated with an electrical insulating coating on the outer surface of the inner ring. The bearing has stronger electrical corrosion resistance, because a smaller coating surface area can provide higher impedance. It is recommended that bearings with an inner diameter greater than 120 mm be used in large motors. They can be applied to bearings with an inner diameter greater than 70 mm. They are indicated by the suffixes VL2071 and VL2076.
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