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Analysis of Bearing Cage Wear Caused by Lack of Oil and Pollution

by:JNSN     2021-12-11
Rolling bearing cage damage caused by lack of oil and pollution: the cage guided by the rib is worn at the edge, and the cage guided by the bearing rolling elements is worn at the pocket. Further wear causes the rolling element guide to become the rib guide and then continue to wear, and vice versa. Wear generally occurs in the axial direction, most of which are symmetrically distributed at the pockets, or on the two side edges for cylindrical roller bearings, see Figure 88. Reason: Lubricating grease is contaminated by hard external particles. Lubricant is too little or not suitable for remedial measures: Ensure clean assembly conditions. Filter lubricant. Increase lubricant quantity/or use lubricant of suitable viscosity. Evaluate the running characteristics and damage of the removed bearing model. Cage damage 88: Cage side wear 3.5.2 Wear caused by excessive speed Now: Wear caused by the outer diameter of the cage and the outer ring of the bearing, see Figure 89 . Reason: The speed is too high. The unsuitable cage structure is selected. Remedy: Use other types of cage 89: Wear caused by the outer diameter of the cage and the outer ring of the bearing.
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