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Analysis of Causes of Burns of Imported Bearings

by:JNSN     2021-10-24

The so-called burn damage state of imported bearings refers to: the race wheel, rolling element and cage of the imported bearing rapidly heat up during rotation until it is discolored, softened, welded and damaged.

The main reason for the burns of imported bearings is due to poor lubrication of imported bearings. Irregular lubricants may be used, or too much or too little lubricant, which is not correct. For the relevant information on imported bearing lubrication, please refer to the introduction of the two articles on this site: 'Misunderstandings in the Use of Lubricating Grease in the Process of Repairing FAG Bearings' and 'Introduction to Lubrication Technology in Imported Bearings'.

Secondly, it may be excessive load (excessive preload). The speed is too high. The clearance is too small. Water or other foreign objects have penetrated. If neither of the above two situations is true, it means that the shaft and the bearing housing have poor precision, and the shaft has a large deflection. Seeing this, I think everyone wants to know the solution. First of all, we must study lubricants and lubrication methods, choose the right bearing lubricant, and its amount, and correct the choice of bearings. Research needs to fit, bearing clearance and preload, and improve the sealing device. Check the accuracy of the shaft and bearing housing. Of course, if you have an expert next to you, it’s best to let him operate and follow along!

It is recommended that when using imported bearings, pay attention to the installation, lubrication, clearance and other links to be as accurate as possible. In place.

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