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Analysis of Failure Causes of Rolling Bearings Caused by Deflection

by:JNSN     2021-12-13
Bearing wear caused by roller skew: The reason for roller skew is when the load of the roller bearing is too low or severely inclined, or the tapered roller bearing is improperly adjusted. If the ribs are not sufficient to bear the skew force, the wear area will occur diagonally in the cage pocket due to the unallowable high load. This will cause the crossbeam of the cage to break and further damage to the sides, see Figure 90. Reason: Unallowable bearing tilt, partly due to misalignment. Improper adjustment of bearing clearance. Remedy: Correctly adjust the bearing. Use self-aligning bearings to avoid misalignment. Cage damage 90: Diagonal wear of the rolling bearing cage pocket 3.5.4 Ball bearing cage wear caused by tilt: The cage pocket wall is severely worn and may be deformed or broken, Figure 91 (and Figure 38 Compare the traces). Reason: The bearing rings are excessively inclined to each other, such as ball bearings under combined load. Therefore the balls have different circumferential speeds. The stress in the cage area is high, especially in the case of poor lubrication. Remedial measures: Avoid tilting as much as possible. It is better to use self-aligning bearings or bearings with nylon cage 91: The mutual tilt of the bearing rings results in the ball and cage. There is a high force, which causes the wall of the cage pocket to break.
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