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Analysis of the Causes of the Fracture of the Rolling Bearing Cage

by:JNSN     2021-12-11
Fracture phenomenon occurs in the connection part of the rolling bearing cage: the riveting part becomes loose and the riveting part is broken (see Figure 92). The reason for the fracture of the rivet column of the cage: vibration or shock increases the stress of the cage, such as vibration parts or deep groove ball bearings of vehicles Tilting remedy: Use a solid cage instead of a stamped cage, especially when the stress is high, use a window-shaped cage. Cage damage 92: Riveting of the cage caused by vibration stress. 3.5.6 Cage fracture 93: Spherical roller bearing cage side fracture Phenomenon: the cage side fracture (see Figure 93), the cross beam is rarely broken Cause: installation damage exceeds the allowable speed, wear and poor lubrication (see chapter 3.5.1) The moment load is too high or the ball bearing is tilted (see section 3.5.4) The clearance of the matched tapered roller bearing is too large, or the axial load direction changes too fast. Remedy: Install the filter lubricant carefully to increase lubrication Dosage/or use lubricant of suitable viscosity to avoid tilting as much as possible and use preloaded matching bearings.
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