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Analysis on the Causes of Wear of the Guide Surface of the Failure Bearing Cage

by:JNSN     2021-12-12
The phenomenon of wear on the guide surface of the failed bearing cage: when the cage-especially the brass cage-is guided by the flange of the bearing type ring, there is abrasion. The surface is often rough and glued (the cage material sticks to the ribs). Because the cage is generally not in contact with the entire rib, when there is a lot of wear, the rib will appear stepped, see Figure 86. Similar wear characteristics can also be found on the edges of the relevant cage, see section 3.5.1. This phenomenon is more serious for high-speed bearings guided by outer ring ribs. Reason: Insufficient supply of lubricant in the contact area, often caused by unreasonable distribution of lubricant. The bearing speed is too high. The bearing speed is too high. When the operating temperature is too high, use a brass cage guided by the outer ring (steel/copper thermal expansion). Different) Remedial measures: Improve lubrication (large flow, better cleanliness) Use a coated bearing cage suitable for this working condition.
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