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Angular contact ball bearing's bearing code composition and precautions

by:JNSN     2021-12-15
The characteristics and heat resistance of the cage material Long-term temperature (℃) Short-term 120 150 50 180 220 190 Other company standard material nylon 66 ②L-PPS independently developed a new material, which has outstanding oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. , Good dimensional stability ③Copper alloy turning cage can be used in many industries such as pumps ①Nylon 46HPS standard material due to its high crystallization and high temperature resistance. Basic bearing model: Bu003dcontact angle 4 EAu003dhigh load-carrying type SU u003d Universal combined axial clearance code CNB: ordinary clearance GA: light preloaded clearance cage code T85: nylon 46 standard T7: L-PPS MR: copper alloy car-made cage. In the harsh operating conditions close to the rated speed of the bearing, the limit temperature, or the amount of lubricating oil, vibration, and large moment loads, some bearings may not be suitable depending on the type of cage. In this case, please contact us in advance. In addition, when the angular contact ball bearing is in operation, if the bearing load is too small, the ratio of the paired double bearing to the radial load exceeds the value of e (recorded in the bearing size table), and slippage will occur between the ball and the raceway. Bruises. Especially large angular contact ball bearings will have this tendency. When encountering such load conditions, please contact us. For the installation of angular contact ball bearings, due to structural reasons, a single bearing can only bear a load in one direction. Therefore, when installing on a shaft or bearing housing, it is very important that the external load is only applied to one side that can bear the load instead of the other side. When assembling bearings, the order in which they are installed in the shaft and housing is different for back-to-back and face-to-face combinations, so be careful. If a load is applied to the ball in the X direction, the ball may be scratched. Figure 7 Temperature (°C).
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