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Application and design advantages of four-row cylindrical roller bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-18
The four-row cylindrical roller bearings produced by Timken are specifically designed for application conditions such as medium and high speeds, high radial loads, high temperatures and serious contamination by impurities. This type of bearing has a cross-sectional design with excellent balance performance, so it can withstand strong radial loads when the external dimensions are certain. Application Timken's four-row cylindrical roller bearings are mainly designed for the application of rolling mill roll necks, and are often used on work rolls or support rolls of flat, long, and structural steel rolling mills. Product features The existing size is 140 mm (inner diameter) ~ 2000 mm (outer diameter) carburized steel inner and outer rings, roller durability enhanced inner ring can be replaced separately, the outer dimension is P6 accuracy, the runout accuracy is P5, the roller shape can be customized Customized design and production to achieve the best performance. Existing straight hole and tapered hole products. Its design advantage is that the most common types are RY, RYL and RX. Timken can also design and produce according to customer's special size and application requirements. If your bearing is for a new rolling mill application, our engineers will work with you at the initial stage of design to help you choose the most suitable bearing. Internal Radial Clearance (RIC) Timken's standard bearings provide different clearance values, such as C3 or C4 clearance that meets the DIN620-4 standard. Timken can also provide tapered bore products according to your application requirements. . There are two types of inner rings produced by Timken: one is the outer diameter of the inner ring without pre-grinding, and the other is the reserved grinding of the outer diameter of the inner ring. After the inner ring with the reserved grinding amount is installed on the roll, the operator performs fine grinding on the inner ring to improve the running accuracy of the roll. The designation suffix of this type of bearing and inner ring is CF. Lubrication Timken's four-row cylindrical roller bearings can use grease, oil gas, oil mist or circulating oil systems. The bearing must be properly lubricated through the lubricating oil groove and oil hole of the outer ring or the groove on the end face of the outer ring to achieve optimal performance. Material Our bearing design has excellent dimensional stability, fracture toughness and reliability. Through the use of high-quality carburized alloy materials and a special heat treatment process, our products can adequately cope with the high stress and impact loads that must be borne by multi-row cylindrical roller bearings in roll applications.
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