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Assembling technology and special correction tool for upper roller bearing of textile machine with double raceways

by:JNSN     2021-12-11
Name: Double raceway top roller bearing assembly technology and special correction tool for spinning machine Application No.: 200410053213.7 Publication Number: CN1587465 Publication Date: 2005.03.02 Applicant: Chen Zhaonan Patent Abstract:    This invention discloses a double raceway top roller bearing for spinning machine The assembly process and its special correction tools include the selection of steel ball, mandrel, bearing shell double raceway size, using the existing rear-row special tools, front-row special tools, setting needles, combined with radial clearance correction column and The application of the 'U'-shaped spring card realizes the assembly process of the mandrel, bearing shell, rear cage, rear steel ball, front row steel ball, front cage, etc., and solves the problem of the assembly of the rear steel ball of the double raceway bearing. The problem has made the promotion and application of double race bearings in the textile industry a reality, thus overcoming the short life of single race bearings. The increase in bearing life has reduced material consumption for the textile industry and saved a large amount of steel for the country; The double-race bearing is evenly compressed and rotates smoothly, which can lastingly stabilize the quality of the yarn.
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