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cadillac wheels: the urethane skateboard wheels

by:JNSN     2021-10-09
Frank Nasworthy is a young surfer and skateboarder.
Just graduated from high school in Norfolk, Virginia, saw some polyurethane wheels on Virginia skates and had an awesome vision for the future.
Purcellville, located in Virginia, may be the first factory to produce polyurethane wheels: a company called \"creative polyurethane\": Nasworthy\'s vision is to put these polyurethane wheels on a skateboard.
He thought, \"What Can plastic do for skateboarding ? \"
From Northern Virginia to northern San Diego County, California, he continues to follow his vision.
Here he created the Cadillac wheel and introduced the Cadillac wheel to the world.
Skateboarding has changed forever since then.
The skateboarding movement recovered from the late 1960s s to the early 1970s s from the dark: from steel and clay wheels to polyurethane wheels.
The campaign has soared to a new high in the bank.
Nasworthy\'s Cadillac wheel has become an important part of history.
In the first year, the Cadillac wheel made the Cadillac Da Kine wheel: It was the original Cadillac wheel.
In 1970s, everyone must own them in the undersea area of Santa Cruz, California.
Polyurethane wheels provide a lot of traction and control on the skateboard, unlike the roller skating: the roller skating does not have much traction and control on the skating rink.
The Urethane wheel also gives the skateboard the ability to stop, create friction, slow the speed of the skateboard and fight against gravity.
They support skateboarders, also known as inland surfers.
Nasworthy received the Cadillac wheel in 1973: The polyurethane slide wheel.
The word \"cadillac\" refers to luxury: Because the polyurethane wheels on the skateboard are smooth and do not chatter, and they produce a journey of luxury.
Cadillac Wheels used loose ball bearing wheels with bearing race for a while.
The problem is that the wheels will get very warm and the bearing hub and hub will actually move.
The injection mold hub with race was later introduced.
They are a rigid hub that securely encircles the bearing seat firmly and completely around the polyurethane: try to inject the molded polyurethane: Thermoplastic polyurethane, which turns out to be a very bad wheel.
Thermosolid rubber and elastomer are very durable: However, the thermoplastic polyurethane does not have the required properties, is associated with the plastic and is recyclable: this means they can be re-usedmelted and re-formed.
The Cadillac wheel decided to improve the loose ball wheel and began to manufacture the precision bearing wheel: this is the original part of the roller skating product.
This is actually easier to do.
From the imagination of young surfers
Skateboarding and love for skateboarding is an evolutionary design that has forever changed the world of skateboarding.
Cadillac wheels are still made in the US and still one of the best skate wheels in the market today.
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